Where Was The Best Burger Youve Ever Eaten?

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  1. Yes yes yes! Fud ruckers.
  2. Five guys for sure.
    Worst burger? burger king. Their name is so ironic, Their burgers suck man parts
  3. Fuck. Now I want a good ass burger
  4. Best Ever - My Backyard grill
    Best restaurant - local place in Memphis - Trolley Stop pimiento and cheese burger
    Best Chain - Five Guys
  5. five guys usually, but i went to this little diner the other night and that was hands down the best burger i everrr had :yummy: 
  6. usually the best are the ones I make by hand. There was a damn good place in time square though, I forget the name
  7. My grill, of course.  But at a restaurant, probably BJ's Brewhouse or Luma.
  8. What the hell is with all the fast food places listed??? 5 guys, in n out, chilis...oi vey

    Mines was in Mountain View, Arkansas Dogwood Hollow Steakhouse steak burger. Mouthwatering goodness
  9. fudruckers
    5 guys
    and a burger i had at a resort once are the best ones i've tried.
  10. Rays hell burger in DC. Obama took the Russian president there a few years ago. Burger was delicious. Pretty sure they closed, but that was seriously the best burger I've ever had. I've also been it the first five guys, also in DC. I think five guys is a little hyped up, theyre good, but they're still fast food, and they're pretty expensive fast food.
  11. We had a party once in northern California in middle school. This farmers kid brought burgers from the farm, grass fed, no steroids, or hormones, unlike anything available commercially.

    When I bit into the burger, my 12 year old mind (at the time) knew the difference, I swear my pupils dilated, my mouth watered, and my whole body relaxed. It was an intense meal.

    Have a habit of stopping at all little moms and pops stands, as well as tried every fast food and not a single one comes close.
  12. My House.
    I like to keep an eye on Costco's meat area. When they start grinding the older steaks or good cuts, I pounce on the packages coming out.
    Make the patties nice and fat for about a .42 Lb 88-90% lean burger. If you want fresh Jalepenos or green chilis, chop them up, split your burger  in half the long way, and place them in the center. Reform the pattie. 
    Toss it in a nicely warmed pan (or grill). After about 1 minute, criss cross the top and splash about 5 drops of Worcestershire sauce on it. Add a sprinkle of McCormicks All Seasoning salt. Flip it over and only use salt and pepper.
    I only cook it for about another minute, but leave it here according to how well done you want it.
    One final flip and add the cheese. When the cheese is melted the burger is done.
    (If you waited too long for the final flip, a spoon of water and a sauce pan lid, will make the cheese melt in seconds. :yummy:    :smoke:
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    Paul's in NYC. Been going there for 20 years. St. Marks place and 2nd Ave.
    Blows all those franchise places out of the water.
  14. I would rather have a really cheap shitty greasy cheesy consistent fast food burger than an over priced over cooked burger that's been finger fucked to within an inch of its life with stupid sauces and toppings and gimmicks. I can't seem to find a simply good burger with any kind of regularity at the "slow" places, chain or mom and pop.

    That's what the fast food gives you, the price and expectations are lower but you know what you're getting in to. In n out is a great fucking burger for $3 and its always consistent.

    And a burger IS fast food. You shouldn't have to cook a burger for more than a few minutes each side. And only flip it once! When you start screwing with it, flipping it and squeezing it and adding goofy shit it's no longer really a burger. It's more of a science experiment. Sure I grub on some goofy burgers and enjoy it, but my go to is a med rare 1/3 lb with cheese, lettuce, tomato, mustard pickle and maybe bacon or avocado, but even that's pushin it. And I'm by no means picky, I eat all kinds of crap and love trying new things, I just tried chicken feet and cuttle fish.
  15. In n out burger. All the way dude
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    best would be shake shack.
    Best looking one would be the burger scene from Pulp Fiction. I have gone to local diners at 11 pm just to get a burger after watching pulp fiction
  17. Burger Shack in phoenix.
  18. Just out of curiosity, have you tried the Heart Attack Cafe? Any good? :smoke:
  19. Is in and out not a restaurant?
  20. 5 lb bacon burger in philly. I know where, but forget the name.

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