Where was that harvesting graph...

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  1. ...based on location on the globe? I'm pretty North in Japan and want to know what the "recommended" harvesting time is. I assume somewhere around late September.
  2. I also need to know, except I live in Indiana and I tried googling for this graph but haven't found it. Hoepfully someone can help us out.
  3. go to google and type in sunset and sunrise.....find your location and look at the times....when the days start to get shorter and when there is like 10 hours of darkness they will start showing preflowers and start flowering....by time the natural light outside is actually "12/12" your plants should be quite fat and pretty close o harvest (within a few weeks) hope this helps
  4. harvest by individual plant not time and youll be better off. looking at the trichs or atleast at the hairs will give you good indication as when to harvest
  5. Damn your growing in Japan? I heard theres some serious fuckin penalties on weed in Japan...

  6. Thanks that helped alot, thing is I need to harvest by date seeing as how its fairly hard to get to my plants so I need a rough date. the 12/12 cycle begins on sept 23 so I'd say a week or two and then harvest time according to you. Thanks =)
  7. Not sure what you mean by a 12/12 ´cycle´ beginning ......
    This year the autumnal equinox is on the 22 September - 12/12 all over the world on that date.
  8. dude the marijuana laws in japan are ridiculous. you must be in the northern alps where they grow lots of hemp. i bet you hide it easily there. just harvest when the trichomes are cloudy and the bud looks ready.
  9. But I bet it commands a good price.

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