Where u get Hookups?

Discussion in 'General' started by xxkmanxx, Mar 4, 2002.


Where do you get your Hookups?

  1. School

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  2. Dealer

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  3. Friends

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  4. Ask people in your area

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  1. Jus wondering where everyone gets their hookups.
  2. none of the above. I grow all that i smoke!
  3. i still live with my parents i have to buy what i smoke, the last time i tried to grow they found my 9 plants in my closet, i was getting ready to harvest them too [​IMG] and i got in some trouble, and my parents threatened to send me to rehab (they've threatened me like 10 times and nothing ever happens, just get grounded for the weekend
  4. where u get your dealers? i can't get any hookups here, i'm thinking of getting a job at a gas station (down the street from me) and make friends or something :)

  5. is growing hard, whats a good biginer site for growing :) like what i need and exactly what to do.

  6. When im buying it just seems like the people i generally know would also be able to hookup something. =)

  7. just meet new people ask your friends if they smoke and if they do if they can get it for you and then maybe you can meet the person they buy from and talk to him and maybe start buying if you're a young person people aren't generally too cautious because you dont see too many 16 or 17 year old cops around there could be narks so they will probably be careful hope that helps good luck finding a good hookup also finding a good hookup takes a little time you're not gonna get the best shit right from the start but sooner or later you'll get good hookups
  8. Hook-ups are a problem! My best friend died 3 years ago and I don't think I've had but 4-5 js since. It's been rough I would really like to meet some relaxed people. All the people I know are so busy trying to pay for their expensive homes, fine cars and designer clothes, stuff! Relaxing is the furthest thing from their minds.
  9. I agree, people need tro chill w/ all tghat. I generalluy like mellow people as well. I dont really pay much atention to agressive people. It also does seem that now everyone just thinx aboiut crap like theyre job and theyre clothes, and theyre self image. people are too stiff njow a day, i think they should just relax and smoke a B. Or just chill out in general.
  10. Haloo
    My hookups are always my friends. You can trust them with anything, and feel safe to chill and smoke down. It's seems that everyone where I live smoke's bud, so I'm not short on friends :)

  11. my advice, move to Eugene OR..its the fucking hippy capital of the US. Every saturday they have the nations oldest ongoing saturday market and its about 5 or 6 square blocks of booths run by hippies selling everything from food, to bongs, to hemp everything(and if you ask nicely they always take you into their back "rooms" and deal out some fat nugs to ya)...i personally either grow my own or buy from friends/aquatences, but if im ever desperate then i go downtown to see some of the "street vendors".

    I dont think ive met one person that lives here who doesnt or hasnt smoke. And you'll only get a traffic sized ticket if your caught with under an ounce of weed..sometimes they let you keep it after they bust you too. I think thats prety damn cool for a city thats in the anal retentive US of A.
  12. i know where i'm moving when I move out.
  13. thats awsome, it's Eugene, Oregon, right ?
  14. i love this place, i switch beween here and portland (P-town's really nice also)..its the poerfect city for me, its not too big but not desolate and in the middle of nowhere (theres about 200,000 peeps not counting suburbs) ...and also every summer they have the "country fair" which is basically put on by locals in someones private farmland(like 20 acres i think) and its just like the saurday market i was talking about only its three days long with entertainment also....theres also the "shroom fest" which is i think 20 miles north of eugene every year(havent been yet, going this year)...

    the country fair used to be run in part by Ken Kesey from the "merry pranksters" who lived in Eugene until he died last year, he still has "further" their famous bus on his property, he was damn cool, its a bitch he had to die
  15. kman, you can't get any hok-ups in NJ??? you gotta be kidding me. First off, pretty much anyway, you ask 4 people, atleast 1 wil know a good dealer. Second, I have friends in Jersey (sorry but I can't have them help you out... too dangerous)... weed is VERY easy to get in NJ.. sometimes good shit too such as Northern Lights.
  16. There is also a satruday fair weekely in portland, I havent gotten around to going to but i will prob next week. Whats this about a Shroom Fest, sounds dope to me how do i get more info. =)


  17. yeah ive been to Portlands also, its actually really nice, theyre both famouse saturday fairs i think, eugenes is the oldest but ive also heard portland's is the biggest, and its pretty big, as for the shroom fest, ive never gone either. but i wanna check it out some time, tons of my friends have gone and its somewhere out in veneta oregon or junction city, some small town outside of Eugene. Ive seen older ad posters for it around but i cant find anything online about it when i searched just now...if youre ever in eugene go to Lazars Bazar headshop downtown and look through that rack of posters upstairs, and one rack is all about shrooms and has old posters from the shroom fest, im gonna go buy some nitrous oxide canisters tomorrow there so ill go and see if i can get some details about it. ill let you know what i find.
  18. My aunt lives outside of St. Helens. How far is that from Eugene? I know I've been to Beaverton and Portland, I think Eugene too. Now I know what I'm doing when I visit this summer!

  19. well eugene is in the southern part of the willamette valley, portland is (depending on how fast you drive) 1 to 2 hours north, its the second largest city in Oregon so you shouldnt miss it if youre going south on I-5...here, since im stoned and feeling creative ill draw you a map...

    the dots are I-5

    st. helens
    .(about 10 miles between)
    .(about 50 miles between)
    .(about 30 miles between)
    .(about 30 miles between)

    DAMN! i should be a map maker

  20. i only use two dealers,the main dude always has weed cheap to,2ounces for $150.but he's a big meth head and when he's on that shit you cant find him for a week,but the other dude always has beans&green,he's not as cheap but a Q for $50 and it weighs 13g.so i usually buy a QP and sell what I can and always double the money i spent buying it.

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