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Where to toke in Los Angeles?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by vforrest21, May 14, 2011.

  1. Like the title says, any cool spots to spark up in the LA area?

    I'm thinking of driving with my bud (no pun intended) to Santa Monica and sparking up a J at the beach. :smoke:
  2. fuck sparking em at the beach, cops always bust. especially venice area
  3. get a joint roller and some cigarette filters and roll a marijuana cigarette rather then a joint. if a cop sees the filter on your "cigarette" he will probably assume its just tobacco. works great for me
  4. dang alright, thanks for the tips.

    I probably won't be investing in a joint roller though, I have to let go of MJ at the end of May :/
  5. Yea, just empty out a cig and put the weed in. It looks like a cig lol.
  6. It would set you back a whopping $2.00

  7. How about the smell? :smoke:

  8. hmmm in that case perhaps I will :D
  9. Mix 20% of the tobacco with 80% of the weed, that will help the cover the smell.

    I actually think cigarettes stink worse than weed personally. I can smoke a bowl in my room with the windows open and a fan blowing and it will be gone in under an hour, when I smoke a single cig in my room it reeks for HOURS, sometimes even overnight. So mixing it with tobacco will help.

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