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where to store weed and what to grind it.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Celbrise, May 17, 2010.

  1. where can i store my weed i dont have much but im going to use my grinder. for my grinder i use a magic bullet is this okay? i dont got anything else that grinds. im thinking the weed might be too fine grained to smoke something like sand.

  2. Get yourself a good sized mason jar. Doesn't have to be to big because then it'll be harder to hide (if you need to) As for a grinder, I'd either get a grinder or use your hands.
  3. hide it in a pill bottle thats what i do lol, and I would buy a grinder online here or even they are refered as herb grinders there
  4. i use a jar that used to be jelly or something
    its air tight so no smell or mold etc...
    idk wat that bullet thing is but i used a scissor and went crazy and that worked
    the scissor thing was like in a glass if that makes sense
    i put bud in the glass and then went crazy with a scissor and then rolled a J
    idk if this makes sense
    good luck :smoking::smoking::D:smoking::smoking:
  5. Magic bullet is fucking amazing when your grinding large amounts, but it really does grind it to much
  6. yeah I definietly wouldn't use a magic bullet to grind my bud...

    Just go out and buy a grinder.
  7. I use a peanut butter jar to store my stash. It was a pain to clean it out, but it closes tight enough that it doesn't smell like weed.

    As for grinding, I use a grinder when I'm not lazy, otherwise I just cut it up with whatever I have around; scissors, knives, I even used a meat tenderizor once and it worked quite well.

    The magic bullet seems like it would be fast and easy, but really unpleasant to smoke, you'd be sucking ash the whole time.

    On a related note, I just thought of another use for the Slap Chop. Need Vince to make another commercial with some nice nugs, "One slap, perfect to pack a bowl, two slaps and it's ready to roll!".

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