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  1. Well I missed the MI cannabis cup. Just trying to figure out where to go to find some weed to smoke. Its been years and I want to get back into it. I probably could get an Ohio card, but not sure how fun it would be to smoke alone. I was thinking of driving up to Clio as I hear they have some events once in awhile, but it is a good 2 hour drive away. Does anybody know of a place to go closer to the NW Ohio area? I see some things on facebook, but don't know about liking too many pages as you never know who will see it and I'm friends with some people at work in the health care field.
  2. I smoke alone ALLLLLLLLLL the time....it's not....NOT fun.

    Can you get into growing your own? Gives ya a hoppy if ya need one...and if done right, will save ya quite a bit of $$$......just my .02
  3. I thought about it. I would have to find some seeds first and read up on it. I would think the easiest way to get some seeds would be to go to an event like the cannabis cup and buy a quarter or whatever you can. Not sure when the next event will be. I heard they have cultivators cups up near flint also. It doesn't sound like you need a medical card to go?
  4. I am not sure about the medical card stuff.....so I can't help you there.

    As far as seeds go......you can order them online like 99% of us do....there are TONS of reputable sites out there...do a QUICK search for "seed sites" or something of the life....youll get tons of options.

    After you get the seeds....the next thing is lighting....if you can't afford or don't plan on getting some REAL grow lights....then I probably wouldn't waste my time buying the seeds.....the lights are gonna run you a good $200 or so.....however, don't quote me on that number....someone else here might have good setups "mapped out" for cheaper for you....
  5. What? Buy a quarter at a cannabis cup? With seeds? Hahaha, I’m sorry but I think you may just want to buy some online like the rest of us.
  6. Sorry, I may be out of the loop as its been like 20 years since I smoked any. But back in the day, when you bought a quarter or half oz., it had a lot of seeds in it. I played around with growing a few plants back then, but never bought a real grow light. I have the money to do it now, if we are not talking crazy money. btw, is it legal to order seeds through the mail? Also if you got a med card and bought some at a dispensary, I would think there would be some seeds in that. I'm not sure how getting a card works as I'm pretty sure I would qualify, but not sure how to go about getting my medical records if they are required as I never have had my own doctor and used to go to the doctor when I had some issues in another town years ago.
  7. Welcome to 2020 med.

    If you find a seed count yourself as lucky.

    Nothing illegal about buying seeds for “novelty” purposes only.

    I’ve got a card in my state. Google marijuana doctor and they will tell you everything you need.

    Good luck
  8. Where I live everything is a good 2 hour drive away. That's only the time it takes to watch a movie. I suggest driving back home before you try out your purchase.
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  9. Yeah, it may not be a good idea to drive especially since I'm not used to it. I was thinking of driving up to one of the cultivator cups this weekend, but after reading on their site that the event is open to the public, but a valid MMMP Card is required to enter the medication tent. I didn't think you would need one since its legal in that state. IDK if it would be worth the trip? I'm sure there would be people hanging out outside the tent too. Maybe I should just go the legal route and get my medical card first. I started reading up on it, but it is unclear who if anybody can look up to see if you have a card.
  10. Idk if it’s worth it honestly. Meds are really expensive, here anyway. Everything else is black market.
    I’d grow if you can.
  11. I CANT STRESAS THIS ENOUGH!!!!!!!! Wait til you get home.....trust me...."youll be going to NASA"
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  12. Try saying that to your wife when you come in at 4am while the pub closed at 2.
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