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where to smoke?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by kyle29, Aug 27, 2008.

  1. im gonna smoke for the first time today and my friend is coming over to bring it but the problem is since i still live with my parents, i dont want them to find out. i dont have a car here either so idk how to do this. where to smoke?
  2. Outside somewhere?
  3. if your rolling, just go for a walk to the park..
  4. in the back of a church haha

    the bushes

    park bathroom or slide (Hotbox) haha
  5. Don't smoke while they are home? Why don't you just spend the night at his house and get high?

    Or you could just wait until your parents go to sleep.
  6. Uhhh, anywhere your parents aren't. The woods, a friends house, a friend's car, etc.
  7. roof of house
  8. Wait till night time and just go outside and smoke... I've always had a hard time finding a place but I normally just walk around my neighborhood everynight when my parentals are asleep and I blaze up then. Good workout and a hell of a high :smoking:
  9. what method will you be using to smoke?
  10. walk around your neighborhood outside, thats what i used to and still do haha. I have found some pretty amazing spots to smoke. like this place that i never knew about which is just down the street from me, its a tree/bush type thing but the inside is hollowed out...i dont know if that makes sense. here is a picture [​IMG]

    anyways my point is walk around and look places, youll be surprised what you find. good luck.

  11. thats so amazing. there is something like that less tahn a block away from me... its this huge pine tree with a little cleared doorway, and its like a little hut inside. never smoked in it though, its in someones front yard, AND right on the biggest street.

  12. ya this is on a kind of main street too. but cars driving by cant really see inside because we moved all the chairs and stuff to the side away from the enterence. only problem is that occasionally some little kids will come by to play in there, so we hide all the shit and they leave haha

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