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Where to smoke indica?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ZnOT, Aug 30, 2017.

  1. So finally I'll get some indica tomorrow and I'm planning on smoking with my buddy on Friday, but we can't do it at our houses (we still live with our parents, we're 18).

    As it's indica I know it makes gets you couch locked so I think a house would be the best place to smoke plus we could watch some videos or watch a movie there.

    But seems like we won't be able to do it at home so we thought smoking at a park (where we usually smoke btw, but we never tried indica just sativa).

    I heard indica is more of a body high and doesn't make you that paranoid (which is great because while on sativa my friend usually gets really paranoid when he sees other people, I also get paranoid but I know it's the effect so I try not to think about it).

    Should we just go to the park and play some music (I play the guitar, he plays the bass, I also sing) and listen to songs (reggae, rock, etc)?

    Or is it better to smoke sativa for those kinds of things?

    We have a party that same day later (at night obviously) where I'll be smoking also, but sativa (maybe some indica later because I will run out of sativa), should I smoke first in the day?

    I say that because I just smoke occasionally and after I smoke (especially if I smoke a lot and get very high) my high lasts 3-4 h instead of the usual 1-2h plus even after the effects are gone I still feel weird and very tired (though maybe smoking again will somehow diminish that "tired" effect).

    What do you guys think?

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  2. jesus bro.... you are way overthinking this. Just smoke the shit it's not going to be some crazy new experience. It's just pot bro.
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  3. Indica is like a head high, you're not going to melt into the couch like on the commercials lol Just smoke it and see how you like it. You're just over thinking it, ill smoke it at any time of day and still do stuff.
  4. sativa is the head high indica generally provides more of a couch lock feeling packedup. it won't knock you out though. just smoke it in a place you feel comfortable walk home maybe grab some munchies if your real tired take a nap if not just chill.
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  5. Honestly there's not a terribly big difference between an indica and a hybrid. Probably more drowsiness but you should be fine to do your usual routine

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  6. Alright, I choose indica because I was told the high is more of a body relaxing effect and it doesn't make your heart race as much as sativa does

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  7. Why can't you go out for a walk and smoke a fat joint then go back to your house after?
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  8. Because my mom and my little sister are at home, and they don't know I smoke, I could go into my house because I know how to control the high so they don't notice it, but my mate doesn't (you can tell he's high as fuck when he smokes)

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  9. indica for rewind sativa for fast-forward. think about it, take a second.

    matter fact...
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  10. too much of either will lock you down.

    With indica, keep in motion and you'll be fine. If you smoke too much, sitting down may keep you there.

    Take a hit or two and drive on.
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  11. I mean we really want to relax, I usually hit my joints more than twice (used to hit it 3 times but my tolerance has built up though I smoke like once every one or 2 weeks), I mean don't get me wrong, 3 hits gets me as high as it used to do at the start but now I can take 6-7 hits without feeling much paranoia or so, I can handle the high better.

    I know too much of sativa ends up being also very couch lock kind, but in normal to low doses it definitely makes you feel euphoria and more creative or so.

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  12. I don't really notice much of a difference unless I'm smoking a lot in a sitting. Few hits here and there and it just feels like a buzz to me.

    I would always smoke on the beach, in my car, or in other people's neighborhoods. Had a bunch of spots growing up.

    I always liked to remain mildly active when I smoked... sitting around watching TV seems like a waste.

    I finally made the choice to stop smoking at parties... unless everyone else is hammered. I decided to give it one more shot at the last one I was at... I split a bowl with a friend and I turned into a social retard. Can't do it anymore, not worth it. Not while my tolerance is low at least.
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  13. I agree that you're overthinking it. Yeah indicas will make you feel pretty sedated and relaxed so having a spot to chill is good but it's not like it's impossible to walk around. I'm an introvert in general but weed definitely doesn't make me feel more social. Sativas kinda can but I wouldn't count on it. Idk bro just do your thing.
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  14. Doesn't matter where you smoke it, indica and sativa only differ slightly
  15. So true, I'm still very functional with indica, it just seems like a more trippy high than sativas (sativas make me forget a lot more when it comes to short term memory), indicas feel more trippy but it's also a more fluid high.

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  16. Jesus fucking Christ, man.
  17. Weed is weed. Yeah different strains feel different, but it's different variations of the same feeling. Just smoke it.

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  18. I did I did, it was the best one I've tried, this indica lets me think much clearer than any sativa I've tried, while still making me feel super high (more than with those sativas).

    I was used to hit the joint 6-8 times now, but this indica gets me higher with 2-3 hits, and those sativas I tried were strong, but I like more this effect, the other just seems to make my thoughts foggy, which can be great at times but not always.

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