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Where to smoke in San Francisco?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by noahluv, May 13, 2011.

  1. My girlfriend and I are making a trip down to SF for my birthday! Super excited, especially because she's actually excited to smoke!!!

    She isn't experienced so I want to make it easy on her.
    Where could we go to smoke that would be low stress?
    We're gonna go to the Botanical gardens in Golden Gate Park so I'm sure there's plenty of spots around there that would be good.
    Also stopping by Haight and Ashbury, I've heard people just smoke on the street there, but idk if she'd be up for that.

    Going there Saturday so help soon please!
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    At the end of haight and ashbury go into Golden gate park and walk down the path a few hundred feet and you'll reach hippy hill. Its like stoner mecca.

    Heres a pic from 4/20

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  3. Yeah I've heard of that but is it like totally chill to smoke? We don't have cards. I'm trying to get her more into the idea and I don't want it to go wrong with the law and fuck her over
  4. lol not making this easy. I get that it's basically almost legal there but it still isn't and I don't want anything happening.
  5. Go next to the golden gate bridge.
    right by the water!
    toke up

  6. Like by the fort?
  7. Fisherman's Wharf. Then go around and talk to all the bums there. Wait, even better. Alcatraz!
  8. Lol....not the warf...not alkatraz...asking to get cought. Golden gate park is fine. Don't pay any mind to the endless amount of dealers, bums, and crack heads during your session though. Have fun in the city. Love this place.:smoke:
  9. First place I smoked when I moved here was on the steps in Union Square. Not the best idea, but you really can get away with a lot here.
  10. Better yet if you have your cannabis card. Lol.. forget about it. Untouchable:smoke:
  11. Anywhere lol. Hippie hill is the best for sure in Golden Gate Park.

  12. For real, it's the shit. On 4/19 my brother and I did a 4-dispensary tour to stock up... we were smoking joints on the walk between dispensaries. Again, not the best idea, but it's so lax here we didn't even think twice about it.
  13. Grew up in the Bay Area. Went to school in Berkeley. If you are in the area and have a car, drive up to the Lawrence Berkeley lab. View of the entire Bay, you can see the street lights defining cities, and it's where they invented the Atomic bomb and filmed the Hulk. The Berkeley Botanical Gardens are on the way, second to none and 9 bucks per person. Stop by Big Als on Telegraph to pick up the best smoking supplies. Berkeley is 15 min outside of SF
  14. So then Hippie Hill is safe?
  15. Almost anywhere in SF, Oakland (aka Oaksterdam) and Berkeley is safe. The Planetarium in Golden Gate Park is crazy. Twin Peaks in SF has crazy views. Lots of good dispensaries.
  16. Yeah it's fine. Especially when there are lots of people. Police aren't gonna go up to each person 1 by 1 to check their medical status. If for whatever strange reason you do get busted, most that will happen in GG park is they take your weed. If you venture from the park though there might be a few more strict cops that will ticket you. Even then the ticket is only $100.
  17. Go to the beach. If your over 21 its a $100 dollar fine if you have under an ounce.

    And if your only rolling through with a jay they wont do shit

  18. Alright just making sure.
    Thanks everyone for feedback!!! Keep the suggestions coming though. I still have 2 days to figure it out lol
  19. go to that park from the beginning of full house.

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