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Where to smoke in public?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by preewee, May 7, 2011.

  1. If you need to be on the go where do you smoke outside? Like in the woods or something?
  2. Outside the cinema !
  3. At night on the beach.
  4. The park.
  5. I usually roll a blunt and smoke it on the way to WaWa put the blunt out and proceed to the munchies...
  6. Any place you feel comfortable and where you don't think you'd get caught.
  7. Right outside the front door of Taco Bell, where cops come every 2 hours and where 200 cars pass per minute on a 4 lane undivided 35mph. (speaking from personal expierence), this is atually kinda dumb, haha even though i have smoked many a blunts here, and other pipes... but really dont smoke outside unless you live in like farmland... in my area you cant go anywhere without being seen by people, which makes the most ultimate sketchy spots the least sketchy (such as tacobell).
  8. I have papers that look like cigs or my metal one hitter that looks like a cig.
  9. You just gotta know your city. Know how heavy, or laid back, the police presence is. Be smart about it. Look out for children, pedestrians. I smoked a few bowls behind a Me N Eds once. Just gotta be aware of your surroundings.

  10. I find that really hard. we usually hotbox in the highway on the way to the beach and after the beach. lots of drinking at the beach :wave:

  11. I don't smoke in public. Sometimes I'll eat cookies or crackers i've made though.
  12. Usually I Roll J's in walmart parking lot, Something about so many people being around makes it perfect for not raising eyebrows.
  13. designated smoking areas.
  14. My hometown is pretty rural - can literally just walk outside my house and have absolutely no risk.
  15. in my car like a boss.
  16. Smoking in public isn't smart, unless it's secluded and nobody will see you.
  17. In front of the police station, outside laughing and giggling asking nathan if he wants to hit this joint.

    Outside your favorite restraunt.

    Between you and your neighbors house.
  18. It's all mental. Just remember in a lot of places, people won't give a fuck. Even if they're against weed, they'll just be like 'damn potheads' the police won't really do anything about someone smoking pot. Just do it out of the line of sight of most of the people around and you should be chillin'.
  19. lol take a walk with a j

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