Where to Ship a Bong ?

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  1. okay, so I wanna buy a bong off the internet, but my parents cannot see the bong arriving at home via UPS/FedEx. So home is not really an option.

    I have a $100 Visa gift card, so no credit card is needed.

    There arent really another headshops around me so the Internet is my last resort.

    Is it possible to have the bong shipped to my local post office or somewhere else where I can pick it up . Any suggestions are welcome .

    Thanks a million,
  2. Friend's address? Or a PO box.

  3. I don't have any really good friends that toke that I would trust to have my glass shipped to lol . All my stoner friends are sketchy.

    And I don't have a P.O. box .. would it be worth it to rent a PO box for a month to receive the bong ?
  4. Jw where you live? you might want to order something smaller first so you know it can be shipped to your place.

  5. I live in South Florida .
  6. just tell your mom its a fleshlight, she will understand.
  7. I agree. Really OP, no headshops nearby?
  8. Florida has like 20000000 headshops.

  9. I live in a small city in South Florida, I already looked it up ...
    the farthest one is 35 miles and I'd rather just use the Internet .
  10. ^^all filled with SHITTY FUCKIN GLASS!!

    but for op. go to a headshop you'll waste extra money for shipping and in your situation maybe having a bong isnt the best idea.
  11. Lol...just wait till your 18

  12. I'm 19 pal . I'm enrolled in my first year of junior college before I go to fsu .
  13. maybe you just need to tell your parents you toke there gonna find out sooner or later
  14. P.O. Box. That's what my friends have done.
  15. When it comes in the mail it doesn't say "bong" on the box, just get it delivered to your house

  16. Ok 'pal'.

    Then order it to your house.

    A 19 year old should be able to figure this out own his own.
  17. get a p.o. box but make sure the site will ship it to p.o. boxes first. You could find a friend I guess I use to order all kinds of shit off the net for my friends cause I had a card at 16

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