Where to sell my RooR

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  1. Anyone know where I can sell my German RooR "Big Brother"? I don't think you can sell stuff here on GC right? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!:smoke:
  2. craigslist...

    clean it well first
  3. Yeah, I posted it on there but I'm pretty sure it's gonna get flagged. I cleaned it & it's spotless. Are there any forums that are Cannabis related that allow sales?

  4. Glassq.com

    EBay for glass.
  5. Cool! Thanks!

  6. No problem no problem, good luck! I'll keep an eye out for your piece :p
  7. Cool man! I listed it. I hope I did the GooGle Checkout thing right! lol! Do you know how that works? Oh yeah... it's listed under "Heady Glass" by the way.

  8. Someone's gonna get a KILLER deal! I hate to sell it but Christmas is coming up & I need the money.
  9. Sent you a private message about this piece, I might be interested :)
  10. Got it.

  11. Don't miss out on this one guys!!!

  12. I'm certain I'll be taking this off your hands :)
  13. aight! :)


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