Where To Sell High End Glass Nowadays.

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  1. I just recently bought an Illadelph Green Label 5mm and a RooR small steamroller and i just quit smoking. I would really not want to sell on craigslist or ebay, is there any other thing i can do. None of my friends smoke so thats out of the picture to, i need some extra cash.


  2. Not Grasscity, that's for sure. That'd be against the rules. ;)
  3. have u smoked out of it if so i definitley wouldnt sell it over the internet cause u could get in lots of trouble that way
  4. haha yes i do know that, i was just wondering if any one had any other options.....yeah i have smoked out of it and yes i have cleaned it hah.
  5. idk about selling it over the internet. That could be really iffy, even when it looks clean it could still have traces of THC and if so, you are screwed. Best advice I could give you is sell it to somebody locally.
  6. how much are you looking for each of em?

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