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Where to put newly/store planted seeds?

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by HOWHIGHISTOHIGH, Aug 7, 2013.

  1. Open area? Cupboard? Fan blowing?

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    I used a warm open area under a blue spec fluro 55W or something idk its a luminaire not a horticulture light. once established I put them outside for a few hours a day to toughen them up a lil, they were indoors but I believe hardening them off does no harm. infact imo it induces more vigour and resilience. I garden and start quite a few specimen of flora from seed, this technique has yet to fail me. there will be some that don't crack but that's life.
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    what do you mean? like while germinating? somewhere warm and dark. i germinate in tupperware containers with paper towels and out it behind my ps3. the fan from my ps3 keeps them at a perfect temp
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    through the whole seedling process. no wet paper towel method for me, just 24 hr soak wherever the water bottle gets set down, then into usual moist soil
  5. is he asking throughout the whole seedling process? well my post is what i do for germination. i mean after that i dont know where else you would put them besides the grow cab.. yes OP fan blowing. and it doesnt matter where, if you can do open space that would be best. if you do the cupboard just have some ventilation for the heat  from the lights
  6. You asked what I meant. I simply explained. come on don't get pedantic. you got 6k posts. I expected moar from you.
  7. lol sorry man im drunk and got confused. i thought you meant something else. but what I said is true. idk where else OP is going to put them after planting besides the grow cab
  8. Just quickly while you guys are here, when you germ with paper towel do you just put them in the soil like normal after?
    I've always just dropped email in the ground, now I've actually paid for seeds I want them all too pop
  9. yes. when they germ and the taproot pops, wet the soil, make a small indentation, put seed in taproot facing down, cover with dirt, and wait
  10. I just directly sowed the 25 or so I received; 23 or so popped, and 17 out of 18 of Shanti's seeds germinated for me. Even the freebies, other than Dutch Passions, all germinated.
    If I'm correct it also looks to me that I ended up with 15 - 16 females out of the 17 that popped, lol. I sowed mine in 2" nursery pots and kept em in a dome with a heat mat til they get established. Then they get a fan on them to help bulk up the stem.
  11. Sorry for no response. Thanks for the info. I went with what jerry told while back, "Make up a mix of peat ((50%), worm castings (20%) and perlite (30%) and plant your seeds a quarter inch deep. Keep them moist or put a piece of Saran Wrap over the top until they pop thru the soil. Get them under the light." It's been couple days, nothin yet. I know it takes a lil bit, so no worries. I also have em' in a cupboard. Warm and dark, no light. 

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