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Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by HammerCam, Jul 9, 2017.

  1. Looking to start a new plant but I am looking for recommendations on where and what to purchase.

    My very first / only plant was from a seed that fell out the grinder one night so I was curious and planted it and well, it's doing pretty good for what I've been told!

    Could some of you give me websites / strains to buy? Kinda want something on the quicker side growing. This current ones been growing for 4 months before I even started flowering, so a nice quick one would be ideal. But you all know more than me! ‍♂️

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  2. Gyo seedbank
  3. The Single Seed Center, MSNL, Bonza. True North..+ all the above!
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  4. ^ I have had good experiences in the past with the Single Seed Centre also.
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  5. Do you guys know where they have granddaddy purple? Seems to be out of stock everywhere
  6. try TGA genetics
  7. Just did a search for GDP..lots of Granddaddy PURP, but not Granddaddy PURPLE (MSNL, Attitude, Gorilla, etc)
    Not sure what difference is. I got MY GDP from MSNL a few months ago (Feminized Granddaddy Purple) on special and glad I did..It was one of their Buy one, get one free deals!)Bought 10 fems and got 20..No, they are NOT for sale either..LOL!!:)
    Just google it and lots show up ( seem to be mostly regular seeds now or PURP seeds)
  8. Yea I can't seem to find the granddaddy purple strain but I find the breeder everywhere
  9. Anyone know what are the "Double Dip" promo seeds from BONZA are??
    Their new pkging in better than the pods they used to have, but there are no ident. markings for the seeds at all.
  10. Just got an email from Bonza..They are Feminized mystery seeds.
  11. Bud aroma is pretty good... Accept cc plus fast shipping and good stealth

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  12. What ever you do don't trade a cow for some magic beans .........ho hum !
  13. You want something super stealth with absolutely no smell of weed even in flowering go Fastberry. I have grown 2 now and ordered 3 more so I can make seeds to keep this strain for years to come. Supreme seeds is awesome and single seed center is close. Pay the guaranteed delivery with worldwide tracking on them. 5-7 ounces 37-40 inches tall of pure goodness. Best strain I have ever seen no question and I got 20 years under my belt. Happy Growing!

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