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  1. I did some research and found that Attitude seemed to be a good co. that guarantees shipping. After numerous attempts, I can't get my order to process and the International number to contact them won't go thru. Anyone know of another good safe online company to order from? TIA
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  2. Go check out seed vault of california look up seedvaultofca1 on instagram. I vouch 100 for them.
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  3. Also holisticnursery.com same guys thats the website.
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  4. The Vault, or Bonza Seed Bank, are two good banks that have always came through for me. With bonza you won't ever get breeder packs, but the seeds are all good, just stay away from anything Ceres Seeds as everything I have bought from them but their White Smurf have resulted in premature seeds. And that included, Ceres Kush, Ceres Holland's Hope, Ceres Northern Lights X Skunk #1, and Ceres Easy Rider. All I got from the 12 seeds I bought were were 4 good looking plants the other 8 seeds were all sick looking deformed babies. I was like WTF, so they are now officially on my shit list!
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  5. Us based ;

    Oregon Green Seed
    TGA genetics

    Gorilla seed uk has good prices but not us
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  6. The vault. You won't find a better company with a better guarantee or more freebies.
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  7. Beans from Original Sensible have always got to me safe and sound, same with Attitude I've heard good things about The Vault I'm waiting on an order from them right now.
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  8. So disappointed I couldn't get thru to attitude, heard good things. Thanks for the advice!
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  9. Thank you! I'll stay away from those
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  10. Not even close to accurate.
    The Vault: Min 1 freebie per order, 3 freebies per 100 pounds spent
    Herbies: Min 3 freebies per order, 16 freebies per 100 pounds spent.

    I've ordered from Herbies about five times now, and never had a single issue. Not saying The Vault doesn't get it done, I've never used them, but their guarantee isn't any different than almost every other UK vendor and their freebies schedule isn't even close to being the most generous, and holy crap, I just read that they only take payment via cash or money order. Really? The nineties are back?
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  11. nirvana does 10 free seeds w/ every order
  12. The Vault also makes you sign for your package. If you have legal concerns, not that most of us should, but signing for that package is a legal slam dunk.
  13. I'm wondering if that's not what's happening with attitudes site. Those were options but so were prepaid cards ...which I could not get to work. Thanks for the heads up AngryWisemen
  14. Have you used them? Do they guarantee shipping? Saw some bad reviews on them.
  15. Legal concerns as in?......This will be my first time ordering
  16. I ordered with the Vault and my first order got lost. They sent the package again almost without asking and added another seed.
    Was in my mail box without any signature required.

    Not as many freebies as other companies but still would recommend.
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  17. No the vault does not make you sign as i have used them over and over again with nothing but great results... And also always have received over 100$ in freebies.
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  18. Would recommend CSI humboldt genetics. Nspecta is breeding and preserving the fire.
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  19. Straight from their website:

    European and worldwide orders
    We provide international tracked options, which can be tracked.

    Your order will require a signature on delivery.

    We ship to most countries, worldwide.

    Prices cost £9.90 for International Tracked & Signed delivery to mainland Europe.

    Other countries' delivery costs may vary - your delivery costs will be calculated in the checkout process when you have selected the delivery country of choice.

    Orders over £100 have FREE delivery world-wide!
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