where to order feminized diesel ryder seeds to US?

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  1. hey guys, i have been combing the entire internet trying to find a trustworthy company that has feminized diesel ryder seeds in stock, and will ship to the US? any ideas?

    a side question... i am going to be a first time grower, with a pretty small grow area, just wanting 2 plants. is this a good strain?
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    Not sure on strain.

    As far as websites go... well I'm pretty sure I found the best one(Has that strain and butt loads more). I'll give you two hints, one of which is more beneficial than the other, but both are needed to find the answer. 1.) The answer is here in these forums. 2.) The phrase "WMS"(aka. "WWMS") may come in handy.

    I've heard good and bad things about nearly every other site. This one remains on top it would seem. Or, this forum is a massive conspiracy to convince people to buy from any of these websites, in order to get you caught by the cops. Then again, maybe that's just my stoned side talking....

    Paranoia aside, you, sir, have some reading to do! There are many many articles detailing the in's and out's of growing(did I mention many?), and I would say 99% of them provide conflicting information with that of other sources. That said, I would imagine, then, that it's safe to assume choice in plant is a biased basis - entirely(and likely subconsciously) determined by your interests. I recommend you choose the plant that you think would make you happy on the inside, as well as out. That's what I'm doing and it hasn't steered me wrong yet.

    For me, that generally means the plant is going to look sexy as shit like it could kill a horse, and have a great "racing high" giddie'ness(Sativa - THC - Tall&skinny), versus the "lower high" medical-type(Indica - CBD - Short&Big-Leaves) ; notice the difference in my emphasis - I clearly like Sativa's.. I didn't even realize that while typing that sentence. Imagine if the entire internet did that - woops it already does. :p

    I recommend these to you:
    http://hightimes.com/grow/dan/4911 (Top 10 plants of 2008. These are beasts.)
    http://www.weedfarmer.com/growing_guide/cannabis_indica_sativa.php (Differences between 'em)

    P.S. I'm starting a similar project myself(2 plants, small, first timer). Keep me updated with any results you find that work best, and I'll do the same for you. :)

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