Where to keep my bong?

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  1. After I smoke I like to clean everything and put it in a smell proof container. I hate smelling like weed or having my apartment smell like weed. I have a 12” bong and I used to just keep it in my garage but I have just moved and no longer have a garage to keep it in. Does anyone know a band that makes a big enough smell proof box/bag to fit it?
  2. Nevermind- I can't read. Hope you find a solution :RoorRip:
  3. Put it on the balcony?
  4. I don’t have a balcony sadly
  5. Leave it on the doorstep then
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  6. It’s a building with multiple tenants so I think that’d be rather rude. I appreciate the advice tho
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  7. I bought a smell proof case recently to keep my bud in, working out great. I found mine on Amazon. Good luck
  8. Reported for scamming you dickhead:thumbsup:
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  9. Well you could put it in a container but the actual smoke is a million times more so going to be what makes your place smell like weed. A bong cleaned with any kind of regularity (like not filthy basically) shouldn't make a room smell at all imo. I mean sure if you picked it up and sniffed it you could smell weed residue but just sitting somewhere shouldn't even be noticeable. If smell is your biggest concern a vape is the best option you don't need to worry about stinking the place up with smoke.
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  10. Put it in a small proof bag and clean it daily.
  11. If you have a cracked window, set it there in a bag.
  12. Behind the toilet. Nobody will ask about the smell :love-m3j:
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  13. Then you'd have to clean it before using. lol
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  14. OpxocQcB9coMIsxoRe8gQ0rnuXZzSZUZaAfO56wsTK0.jpg
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  15. I empty my bong water after each sesh and then wrap it in paper towels, put it in a plastic grocery bag, and then put it in a box that a box fan came in. No smell.
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