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where to hide my?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by mcasprin, Oct 7, 2011.

  1. im taking weed to school with my not alot around 1.2grams where can i hide it? my pockets have no zips aswell as my jacket. where can i hide it
  2. Why are you bringing weed to school in the first place? Maybe leave it in your car?
  3. medicine pill bottle thingy inside your bag, inside a ziplokc if it's really smelly
  4. Could hide it up your ass.

    Don't let the drug dogs smell ya though. They tend to bite near where something is concealed. Don't want dog teeth up your ass, probably feels like clown rape. Wtf is clown rape btw.
  5. Medicine bottle, double bagged. Throw that in your locker.
  6. in a clear bag labeled: heroin for sale
  7. Do not take weed to school. I made that mistake and got caught up in 8th grade. Probably cause I was messed up on unmentionables, but it was not worth it in the end. DONT DO IT YOU FOOL.
  8. I read the last sentence like one would say, put that in your pipe and smoke it...
  9. hide it outside of school, like down the street in a bush
  10. how about dont bring it to school?
  11. Leave it at home!
  12. jus got caught bro at school, don't make the same mistake, a lot of the time u bring it to school u get fucked..
  13. Contact solution bottle. Boom
  14. They have drug dogs in school now!? Eh, I wouldn't take it in, but when I did, I kept it in my pocket. Just don't forget about it when pulling anything else out.
  15. in your pocket haha
    nobody is gonna know...
    do they check your pockets and everything or what???
  16. DON'T LEAVE IT IN YOUR LOCKER. Drugs dogs only search the lockers, hall ways, and cars. If you hear about them coming to school that day, DO NOT leave your classroom for drinks or anything (most teachers are instructed to not allow you.) keep it in your backpack inside a garlic glass. Those will hide any scent at all.
  17. I dunno what quality of weed you have but any ive gotten is way to smelly to have in my pockets...
  18. He doesent wanna leave it at home he wants to show all his friends
  19. mason jar. zero smell. problem solved.

    Keep that shit in yo pack though maybe a dog can smell through mason jars, I don't got a dog nose son
  20. Always keep contraband in your pockets that way while you are being taken to be searched you can ditch it in a bush or something.

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