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Where to hide "large" amounts of weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by jojoguy, May 14, 2011.

  1. I'm talking in the ounces range. I live at my parents house. I can't just put em all in medicine bottles haha. Ideas?
  2. Mason jars, hide em in your closet.
  3. My uncle uses those bags that you seal and suck the air out with the machine
  4. Put it in your desk or something and respect your parents paying for the roof over your head by telling them you have a large amount of illegal narcotics in your room.
  5. marijuana isn't a narcotic.....unless he has a large amount of narcotics as well lol
  6. Lul. I don't have a mason jar and I'm on a low budget XD

  7. winner
  8. yea, your right. Narcocitcs is like herion and cocaine, not weed.
  9. #12 GutteralShiva, May 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 14, 2011

    Yeah, stuff like opium is so man-made :rolleyes: And yes. I know plenty of people addicted to pot. Ah, ignorant hippies at their finest.

    Keep on with the false replies, I'd have better luck talking to a cement wall, ya know; more intelligence and all.
  10. Mason jars are cheap... you can get one for less than two bucks on sale. If you can afford an OZ, you can afford a mason jar.
    That being said, put it in a mason jar. If you have a radio in your room with decent sized speakers, disconnect one of the speakers, pop open the back and stash your weed inside there.
    Hollowed out books work, taped under your bed. Pull out your dresser drawer and tape the sack to the back of the drawer... the list keeps going.
    Use your creativity
  11. Let me google that for you

    read like the first idk 10-15 links......just not the first one, cuz thats wrong :smoke: im goin to bed hahah

  12. way to start the name calling bro....
  13. go into ur fridge and grab anything with an airtight seal.. or anywhere around ur house, glass candles, hell i stored bud in a everclear bottle for the longest time lol, just sux whenyou have large nuggets
  14. define LARGE.
  15. Up the arse mate, your own personal "safe"

    You might need to split it into smaller bits
  16. Guys get the fuck out with your offtopic shit lmao. Maybe I'll invest in a mason jar.
  17. An investment in a mason jar?!?! I just fell of my bed I laughed so hard.

    I am in college and get next to no support financially from my parents. So yeah, i am alot poorer than most and my ass can afford a mason jar. If you have more than a dime sack of weed, you can afford a mason jar. If you have ounces like you said.... there is no way in fucking hell that you can't afford a mason jar.

    But if you really wanna be a cheap bastard, go steal all the pickles out of the pickle jar in the fridge and use that. Make sure to clean it very well first. My guess is you dont have a license and can't drive so you cant buy a mason jar with your mom. BTW.... I never got my license until I was 19, and im only 20 now, so im not being the age police.

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