Where to hide bong?

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  1. So those of you who know me know I'm a new smoker. I have no pipe no bong, etc. Tomorrow is my birthday and I am expecting to get some money from relatives and friends. I want to buy a pipe, bong or both. I can easily hide the pipe but where could I hide the pipe? Thanks.
  2. shoe box/guitar case/under bed/behind some clothes in your closet/car/somewhere underground
  3. haha you said "i could easily hide the pipe, but where could i hide the pipe." well i would start with one or the other,,, ikeep my bong in a guitar case n a closet.. pretty safe.. if your THAT new to smoking i would start with a pipe

  4. Oh lol :smoking:. And I did not think about my guitar case. Duhh.
  5. haha yeah, have it standing vertically and up against a wall or dresser, just so it doesnt fall

  6. I have a guitar stand in my room and my guitar stays on thee. My case is under my bed empty.
  7. Uhm. Hide it? Are you asking us where to hide something in your room? Really...

    Oh and props to a fellow guitar player. I can't live without my Taylor.

  8. I know what you mean. I love playing guitar.
  9. You cant hide a bong lol trust me I have a friend whose parents just recently found it and he got it takin away. Poor guy his parents probably smokin on it now lol.
  10. Just look for a well hidden spot in your room that's big enough to fit a bong in?! I was the master of hiding things from my parents when I had to. I had some original places I'll tell you now ;-)

  11. Lookin forward to it man.
  12. the best idea is get a hamper, and put the bong at the bottom, and just always have a few articles of clothing covering over it.
  13. somewhere ur parents never go, somewhere out of sight, somewhere it wont get knocked over or spill, and somewhere where u cant smell it.. GL
  14. Try that guitar case idea.

    Yeah props to all the guitarists! Been playing all my life.

    I guess weed+musician goes hand in hand.
  15. Depends on your parents. My mom doesn't snoop a whole lot, so I just let mine chill laying down on a shelf in my closet behind some boxes. Whenever I'm done using it I drain the water and put it back. Hasn't been a problem so far.
  16. If your parents don't snoop, get a case and put it under your bed if your comfortable with it. I keep mine in a case sitting behind my computer monitors.
  17. You got a box spring bro? Cut a slit in the side fabric and just toss it in there. The slit wont stay open and it'll keep the smell in too. I used to hide my 4 footer this way haha.
  18. i used to hide mine under an african drum i had, course the bong was only like a foot high. i used to also hide all my homemades in an xbox 360 box til i left it out and my mom found it lol.

    but a video game consol box is a good idea, just stick it in yo closet
  19. I dont hide any weed stuff...I havent since I was 15..My mom is mad cool...She doesnt want me smoking weed, but whats she really gonna do?

    I walk around the house with my bong sometimes when I need to clean it, its like nuffin. Shell either shake her head or suck her teeth but thats it lol and Ill just give her a smile and walk away haha

  20. I'll post a link to the one I want to buy.

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