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Where to hide bong (less than a foot)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by redhotblazer, Sep 11, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, i'm thinking about getting a bong soon, and i'm pretty sure i'm gonna get a glass one, because those hit the best of any i've had experience with. I was wondering where i can hide it in my room. I still live with my parents and i don't have a car. Also, my parents are strict as fuck about searching and snooping and last year my mom searched my backpack almost every day whenver i was taking a shower or out of the room and took all my weed and homemade pieces and flushed it down the toilet or soemthing. My parents are also very tight about personal space, since, while they've never caught me in the act or immediately after, my mom's found my pipes, bags, and papers. one time when she confiscated my altoids box that had a gram and 10 papers, i snuck into her car and took a couple of the papers since she wouldn't notice. i hid it between two credit cards in my wallet. the next day my wallet was lying on my nightstand in the open and the papers were gone. :( so i need a good spot to hide my stuff.also there is an alarm system activating every dooor to outside and almost every window in the house so smoking while my rents are home is a near impossibility. my older brother is 20 and in college and he doesn't smoke and only tried drinking once. and hes a much more model student and more responsible, etc. so i look like a damn drug addict to my parents. also my door does not lock, and before, it was a big deal to my parents for me to close my door, since they don't really respect my privacy much anymore. currently i hide my pipes and lighters in a glasses case in a box of junk i have lying around on the top shelf in my closet, but obviuosly that won't fit a bong..any suggestions or advice on what to do in my situation would be greatly appreciated!
  2. piss in it
    see if anyone thinks of going near it
  3. i would suggest if you have a large dresser that does not sit flush the the ground. to pull out the bottom drawer and stick the bong and every thing else in there. its what i do and no one has found a thing.:) toke on closet toker.
  4. a good spot to hide stuff is a big lego bin. put the bong in the bin maybe wrap a towel or cloth around it and fill the bin with legos to cover it all up. It will be a pain to get in and out but it might work.
  5. if you have easily openable speakers then put it in one of them if they are big enough

    but if you want to be really balsy like i had to do, put it where she would never look
    by this i mean if she has a spare tire in the trunk hide it in her trunk compartment with the tire or where it should go

    maybe when you leave to smoke then grab it (clean it after every use so it doesn't smell)
    really hoping i'm helping
  6. if you have a suspended ceiling, just push up one of the squares and put your bong up there.
    i would put it in a ziploc bag or something though, it might be dirty
  7. damn man i read all that and im sorry you cant smoke. ill blaze one for you soon.
  8. I just keep mine under my bed without the water of course. Also, make sure keep it relatively clean. Bong water smells terrible and the smell sort of stays with the bong even after you change the water.
  9. Dude if your parents act the way they do i dont think a bong is for you... just get some papers and unscrew the cover on the lightswitch in your bathroom hide your shit in there
  10. You should tell your mom to back off and respect your privacy, it's kinda fucked up that she digs through your stuff.

    I hide my stash under my bed, the felt stuff on the bottom is attached by velcro so I can pull it down and put it back up with ease. If your bed has something like that I suggest hiding it there. It doesn't have to be attached by velcro you can just cut a hole in it.
  11. Hide it in her room. She'll never look there.
  12. a budy of mine is getting rid of some of his b0ngs and i think he might be giving me a 2footer. Would keeping it in my box mattress still smell up my room? I like the lego idea!

  13. Get your own mother a paraphernalia charge... I'd feel so uneasy knowing my mom was just driving around with my bong.
  14. what the hell have you done?!
  15. trust me hiding a bong is the most difficult thing to do becuase it will always stick out because everyone knows what a bong is. If you can keep it in a storage space where everybody puts the shit you wont see for another like 3 months.
  16. well your piece is small enough and you have a computer in your room, stick it inside the computer case. most people don't even think to look there. but FOR THE LOVE OF GOD make sure you don't put water in your computer... it's just dumb
  17. dude as anal as your parents are they sound like the same as mine, i would highly advise against buying a bong/blazing in your house (just go for a walk).
  18. I'd only go as far as getting a really nice bubbler in your situation man, can't have a piece that can't fit in some cargos
  19. if my parents were like that, i would smoke blunts in my room. fuck them, they have no respect for you at all.

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