where to hide a vape?

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  1. i just started college this year and my roomates not cool about my smokin. he is the bitch type that would definately snitch me out. however, i found a nice vape for a good price and i wanna snatch it, the only problem is where to hide it in our small ass shared dorm room. from what i understand, while he is not in the room i will be able to smoke all day without it making too much noise or smelling at all, so thats perfect for my situation. anybody got ideas and wanna help a brotha out?
  2. Beat the fuck out of him. Then buy a suitcase with a lock on it.
  3. Be careful. I live in a single dorm, but I just smoke outside. Its not worth getting kicked out of the hall.

    But vapeings alot stealthyer so your probable good. Did you have a suitcase you moved to college with? hide it in there and put that in the closet. or get a safe like i did and tell anyone who asks about it to suck your cock, you have rights
  4. Don't do it, my boy got kick out of college and arrested, for vaping in his room, the RA smelled it outside his door, so your snitch roomate will defiantly smell it. Vape are the least smelliest, but thet do still give off a light Oder!
  5. damn, really? i hope your not bullshittin me right now cause that kinda ruins my whole plan...shit that sucks..
  6. vapes do still give off a noticeable odor, just not so much as smoking.

  7. I have a silver surfer and if I set it to medium, there's like a faint scent of pine trees, and it's gone. Put a fan next to your door and no one will smell that shit
  8. does anyone know if this is also true for da buddha vape? that's the one i was lookinng at and if this is in fact true i'm willing to take the risk, being that i'm on the third floor
  9. i think you will be fine i vape at my house a lot even when my parents are home just spray some frebreeze and have a fan running you will be fine and the smell it gives off smells like roasted peanuts not weed. buy it! trust me
  10. For the least amount of smell, I would never have suggested a Buddha.

    The amount of smell is directly proportional to the size of the bowl and the temp you are vaping at.

    I definitely would have suggested the Purple Days for your situation. Small bowl, very, very little smell (I vaped on one end of a 10 foot couch, and the person at the other end couldn't smell a thing) and VERY stealth. It's the size of a coke can without any whips or wands to worry about and can be hidden very easily.

    But..........if you already have a Buddha and you want to lessen the smell, pack very small amounts in the bowl, and vape at a very low temp.
  11. yeah if its the smell you're worried about then storing your weed in an airtight container is a way bigger issue than actually vaping. Febreeze or nutra-air both kill the smell in seconds. Another technique that i use is making a tube full of fabric softeners and blowing out your hits through that. Combine those two and your room is basically just gonna smell like clean laundry every time you light up :D
  12. i have a vape and leaves off a faint pine smell. i hide it a box that came with my xbox and keep it deep in my closet and i use incense to cover up the smell. smell isn't really a problem in my opinion because sometimes i dont use incense and the vape smell would go away after a while.
  13. Da Buddha is pretty much like a silver surfer, same concept. They are alright, some vapes like the vapir 2 are really noisy, wouldn't recommend that for your situation but I do think the vapir 2 is one of the best portable vapes around.
  14. I swear vapes smell pretty strong. Its just a different smell then the normal smoke. Its more concealed but I wouldn't risk my college education.
  15. With many reports of Vapirs leaking vapor, fluctuating temp controllers, plastic taste and just failing to work along with only a 90 day warranty, the Vapir 2 is one of the WORST portable vapes around.
  16. I've owned one, along with a volcano and a silver surfer. This is first hand experience, not some report.
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    Then you're one of the lucky few. There are tons of bad reports out there and being that the bad reports outpace the good ones, I sure wouldn't recommend that anyone get one of these.

    The other thing is, is that if the manufacturer doesn't have enough faith in their product to offer a longer warranty than just 90 days, than why should anyone else have enough faith in their product to purchase it?

    Nope. To many other good vapes out there with MUCH longer warranties and much better reviews that deserve a much better recommendation than the Vapir 2.

    Doesn't mean that you can't get a good one. But to me, considering the above, it's just not worth the gamble.
  18. Dont turn the vape up too high temp wise, or you risk burning it(even lightly) which will make the smell A LOT. Have a fan and a open window. Buy a locked suitcase and keep shit there. Or like a locked trunk or something. Cant you find a way to switch rooms?
  19. use incents
  20. So if he vapes in the center of the inner circle in his room, it will smell less? :p

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