Where to hide a bong?

Discussion in 'General' started by ReelectNixon, Jan 7, 2013.

  1. My mom went into our crawl space right next to my tv room and took a little nug, my new cherry rolling papers, my rolling machine, and my orange chronic spray. I'm lucky because I have a space case grinder, my scale, and other stuff in a package right next to that. I also have a 12" syn bong coming in the mail. I'm moving out in 8months for college but I need a place to put it until then. Also curious what you guys do with bud in the dorms.
  2. Get a bongo drum and keep it under the bongo drum.. That's where I hid mine for years when I was young
  3. In a closet. I have a shelf/rack on the ground and i keep my stuff behind it. You have to bend down really far to reach it.
  4. Don't hide it in a new spot when you're stoned. That's really all the advice I can give you. You won't find that thing for months because you'll think to yourself -

    Wow in the attic behind a box that looks identical to 30 other boxes in here, great spot!
  5. I just shove mine up my butt and call it good.

    12"? No problem.
  6. Thanks for reminding me of one guy one jar ^
  7. If you have something big with a removable top/bottom (like the bongo drum mentioned earlier), those work. If it's a small bong you could try a shoebox or some type of electronic carton.. apart from that, maybe under your bed behind a pile of clothes, etc.
  8. Hide it with something expensive that you bought with your own money. That was always my secret back when I lived with my parents.

    Most parents will avoid their children's expensive "toys," especially if it's some sort of musical instrument or audio equipment. I used to hide my weed in my band's PA cabinets that I stored in my/their basement. My mother once actually told me that she refused to touch them because she didn't want to be liable for any expenses related to damage of them.
  9. Just put it on the family coffee table with a lamp shade on top. No one will even know. Promise.
  10. Throw some roses or something in it
  11. I always hide things in places nobody would want to look and a thief wouldn't care to touch. If you dump your own trash, hide it under the trash bag, I've hidden weed in jars inside oatmeal in the kitchen because my family let it sit for years without touching it and nobodys gonna steal opened oatmeal. I've wrapped bongs in newspaper and left them in plain site, because people don't expect you to hide it in plain site.

    I've hidden things in the toilet, in dirty old, well used shoes, dirty socks, etc. if its got an eww! Factor, it's a good spot.
  12. Well she must have wanted to get really high,just ask for it back lol I dont see what the big deal is? Now your trying to hide the bong? Just let her use it to smoke, if it were my mom I would.
  13. I hid my four foot straight tube in a four foot black light box befor it broke. R.I.P. Barry White
  14. Just bury it under a shit-ton of cloths in your closet. I've been doing that for about 4 months and my mom hasn't found out about it.
  15. Buy some pants with really deep pockets.

    Or, you could hide it where your parents would least expect it i.e. in the fridge, your parents bed, etc.
  16. Beneath a traffic cone.


  17. You sure you meant a bongo drum?


    I think you meant a conga drum ...

  18. guitar case or something. maybe behind some old clothes in a closet. under your bed shoved behind some boxes and clothes and things. pretty much anywhere thats big and spacious you would never look for something... i would just say give it to a good friend and use it over there. don't risk a bong. maybe some old boxes in storage in your attic? i don't know what you have available! up with the christmas lights and stuff maybe?
  19. My friend had a yoda bong and we dug a whole at my friends cottage an hid it there (dug a hole in backyard somewhere) and when we would go there wed rip with yoga lol.

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