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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by JIMBO33, Jan 12, 2003.

  1. I've got a real problem here. I've been studying up on growing for months and have even propagated some seeds and now have seedlings. The problem now is that I need a bigger place to grow the plants. I still live with my parents who would definitely not approve. I could put a large plywood box in the attic to grow in, but that will be limiting plant size and most likely would be detected by my parents. I have thought about renting a storage space in one of those large facilities that I could just use for growing, but they might have drug dogs come by and I know they have cameras. I've been trying to get an apartment, just for growing, but even the cheap ones are nearly $300 a month, and it worries me that several maintainance type people have keys to it. I'm also afraid tenants will be suspicious if I only come by twice a day and never stay more than a half an hour or so. I've thought about guerilla farming too. Living where I do, there is no moisture, the soil is rock hard dirt, and places with vegatative cover don't really exist. Does anyone have some ideas on where I can grow? Cost isn't too much of an issue becuase I can sell part of what I grow to balance the cost. Thanks a lot.
  2. Come on! Someone has to have an idea.
  3. Which planet were you thinking of?

    I think you just about ruled out all your options, indoors you will have to have electric & water supply, so the only real options are for your own place (the best), rented garage/lock up.

    Outdoors is not so much a problem, dig down at least 12" and fill hole with soil/potting compost and water, MJ will grow. That's assuming it is an outdoor strain you have grown. e-mail me at mcgooner@aol.com and i will mail you a grow guide which will explain lots of indoor/outdoor/hydro techniques ok.

    good luck
  4. Yeah, my options sound pretty bleak don't they. I just was wondering if anyone had had a revelation I hadn't. You've actually already sent me that grow report, and thanks for it. I also got you gift not to long ago, very generous of you. Thanks a ton, you really saved my hide there. I doubt I could ever help you with anything, but if I can, just ask.
  5. One revelation on where you could grow coming right up! Dig a nice sized, cube-shaped hole in the ground and make sure it's lined with something waterproof. Then, dig small, deep trenches to run your water and electrical through. You might not even need a fan. Run a duct going into the ground and through the cube and the run it away from the cube and then out of the ground. If you really like to dig you could make it a walk-down entry or just a trap door type. Sound ridiculous?
  6. I was thinking long and hard and cameup with two types of locations to grow large amounts of plants.

    Location 1.
    Basement of a laudrymat these are the places where people go to do their laudry many machines and driers.

    Heat,electric, water usage is no problem.
    the only problem is smell which could be overcome by a good filer system.

    Location number 2.

    In the bundocks.
    Same good stuff as above cept for security. don't need guys breaking in to seewhats inside.
  7. Well if I get desperate enough, I might try digging a huge hole in the ground. The warehouse and laundromat ideas would work if I owned a warehouse and a laundromat.
  8. JIMBO33, One thing about going literally underground is the susceptibility to mold but I think with HPS lights and good air ducting you'll have it made. Do a search on fallout shelters. Maybe there's a website or two that include pictures or diagrams of some of those Cold War Era shelters. We should all be allowed to build one, right?

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