Where to grow question? IMPORTANT!!

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  1. I'm going to grow my seeds outside. I am planting 4 seeds and i'm about to germinate the seeds. I have a tough decision to make though in accordance to where i'm going to plant these seeds. I am still in HS, and live with my parents and so i can't be too suspicious around them. I have to choices to make:

    1) I can plant the seeds behind my house (i live in the woods at the VERY end of a street with not that many houses), where the woods goes all the way back until a canal, and then a river. This would be the place with the least amount of people, but the downside is I wouldn't be able to visit my seeds that much since I have to walk there, and walking there takes about 20 minutes just to get there. I can't leave my house in the middle of the night since my house has an alarm so my rents would know if I left. This means the only times I could go is when i'm home alone, which isn't that often since i'm out alot. Basically, I would not be able to visit my plant very often. Probably once every 2 weeks.

    2) I can plant the seeds off of a trail that leads to the river thats only a 4 min car drive from my house. This way I can visit my seeds every day after school. The only problem though, is that the trail is a kinda popular hiking trail and is in a national park (not like a legit national park, just a small one)... Now I'm planning on planting the seeds VERY far away form the trail, obviously out of view but you never know if anyone will wander from the trail since its pretty popular for people to walk on the trail to get to the canal to go biking/walking.

    In the end, I don't know which one to choose. I'm leaning towards the second option though. I REALLY NEED ADVICE! Security is my top priority although I could easily plant the seeds far from the trail if I followed the second option. I really need help/advice so help me out a lil GC people!

    Thanks a ton
  2. also, I'm planting the seeds spread out, not grouped together so that police infared cameras cant see

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