Where to go in SD,CA

Discussion in 'General' started by FourAces, May 5, 2011.

  1. will be in San Diego may 12-18th where should I hit up.

    Not a licensed user but would love to check some head shops and what not out.

    Are most places restricted due to not having a recommendation?
  2. bumb.... seriously no replies?

    is my trip even worth it then?
  3. u can go to any smokeshop, whatever, they dont care as long as ur 18. u just cant go into the dispensaries. maybe hang out in the waiting room if its a cool one.

    its definitely worth it tho. san diego is a really nice city. its clean and not as grimy as other major cali cites

    edit: go to seaworld =D
  4. If you want headshops go to pacific beach . There's so many there. Also I recommend going to la jolla shores on the cliffs. The chillest spot to smoke at is hang guilders spot or go to a store called the cave store at la jolla shores, you can miss the spot right next to it. Chill place to smoke there. Enjoy man! Also go to the children's pool where all the seals are at.

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