where to go in amsterdam

Discussion in 'General' started by sam2020, Jul 5, 2003.

  1. going to amsterdam in a couple of weeks and would like toask in here for advice on where to go for the finest smoke cafes, buy seeds books etc

    any advice welcome

    looking forward to it!!!

  2. anymore personal preferences
  3. Try to go to the more local cafés like the Frontpage if you can. There is almost always a better, cheaper selection. Also try de Jan Piet which very very rarely has a menu but also very very rarely disappoints with its merchandise.

    My personal favourite though is Katsu which I visited on the recomendation of a smokers guide website and was totally blown away by their selection and ambience. It's in South Amsterdam though so a bit out of the way but I'm glad I went!

    Obviously do the usually tourist bollocks like the Grey Area, The Grasshopper, The Greenhouse and the Bulldog, but don't expect much cos they're dull and somewhat predictable. Full of teenage tourists giggling and acting mildly annoyingly.

    Oh and definately, definately go to Barney's Breakfast bar for an early morning full Irish breakfast followed by a bhang. Despite the fact it has gone down hill over the last couple of years it is still the only place you can get a real early morning dooby... the geezer opens at 7am! Hah!
  4. I have just returned from Amsterdam after spending 4 days there. Spent lots of money and smoked plenty of weed. I recommend visiting 'The Dolphins' coffee shop, its on Kerkstraate near Leidseplein. You will find a great selection of high quality weeds, really comfy seating area downstairs and a tobaco-free smoking area upstairs!! Will post some pictures once developed.

    We found the coffee shops away from the red light district to sell the highest quality weeds.

  5. Sureshot - I fancy that Iirish breakie (does he have soda bread) will definitely get the munchies!!!

    Uncle Dutch

    I'm wirting all this down, try and keep me away from the red light district, hehehehe,maybe give the dolphin a visit

    cheers all for the great advice, I'll take some pics as I'll not remember a thing!!!!!!

  6. Here's a picture of 'the dolphins' coffee shop. You can buy your weed upstairs and you've got to check-out the lampshades above the bar whilst your there! Downstairs is a comfy chill out area with excellent artwork on the walls! It comes highly recommended, especially for quality weed!

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  7. Shall I bring sir a menu?

  8. Snapshot where's my menu!!!

    Thanks for the tips guys will try and get to them all, am taking the digital camera so will get some pics

    See ya

    calm down and roll another....


    just call me dude
  9. we REALLY need those kinda places here...if only it was legal...<sigh>

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