Where to Get Seeds & What Kind?

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by showsquare, Apr 5, 2006.

  1. I want to start growing my own, but I don't know where to start. Should I buy some seeds in a pack of ten off the internet for like $10. And Where should I buy them at? Also what kind, please take the fact that I'm new here and have no clue.

  2. start out with a couple of bag seeds just to start u dont want ot f up a plant you payed for and you will need to get your feet wet
  3. Where do I get bags of seeds?
  4. from some shitty shwag.
  5. Can I get them on the internet? Whats Diff. between $10 - $20 seeds and "bag of seeds".
  6. the difference will be strain, stability, etc. usually u get wot u pay for i.e. the more u pay the better u get...

    dont bother with 'bag seed' - very unstable and u dont know wot u r growing...

    have a look at http://www.highgrade-seeds.com - im gonna go for the "black pearl" or "hgs super mix"...

    both promise massive yields of super potent weed... check it out...
  7. the next bag of weed you pick up, look for some seeds. Then get your growroom set up, or cabinet, or whatever. Then go through this site, and read. Read other people's grow journals. People like Unoit, Dier Worf, etc have posted grow journals step by step. Read them BEFORE you plant.
    good luck
  8. $20 and $40 for seeds, that seems like alot of money. Oh well.
  9. cheap seeds place is nirvanaseeds..but u pay for what u get...low price normally shitty seeds...
  10. You can get perfectly good seeds from a bag of weed you and your buddies just bought and smoked. Even if it is crap weed, chances are if it is grown properly it can be very potent. Grow with bag seeds first, don't spend money on good seeds. If you screw up its $10 a seed down the drain.
  11. nah thats nothing man... ive seen some feminised seeds go for over $400 for a single seed!!

    trust me the HGS super mix is wicked - and only $25... which is about £12.50..... trust me that is well cheap
  12. holy crap where have you seen seeds so damn expensive haha thats crazy

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