Where To Get Reliable LED Light

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by raviel, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. I've been browsing on Amazon and I've seen a lot of cheap LED light, but with bad reviews. I just wanna get something reliable. Where are some good places to buy from?
  2. Trying not to spend over 150.
  3. you'll not get anything worth of value, especially at your price range.... sorry to be a debie downer

    for the price your willing to spend some T5 lighting would solve any sort of heat issue you have and deliver a solid grow that is upgradable

    Quantum Badboy T5 - 6 Lamp Quantum T5 Badboy - The Hydro Source - Hydroponics Experts [7104] - $169.99 : The Hydro Source - Hydroponics Experts, Leaders in Environmentally Friendly Hydroponics

    you could use this light for a full grow and switch the bulbs for flower...

    once you wanted to upgrade this is a great veg light... then you could save some cash for a HPS system

    something to think about
  4. Thanks for the quick reply and yeah I noticed those lights were pretty pricey. But yeah the T5's look like a good possibility for my price range.
  5. Lighthouse hydro has a 90 Watt unit that has been favorably reviewed... and their other products like the darkstar is a favorite of others on GC. They can be had on eBay cheaply, close (ish) to your pice range.
  6. Do you have a link to those?
  7. Dude just get a cheap hps

    With like a mh conversion bulb and a hps bulb

  8. correct, but the problem is with LED you need two lights, unless your just going to flower from seed(also a presumption)

    LED's need two spectrum's of light, just like CFL and T5 lighting. one for veg and one for flower... sure he can get a UFO light for a single plant... and he can veg or flower.... either grow out a sweet plant with a veg light and have it go no where or flower from seed and get almost nothing(also presuming your not using a auto)
  9. You can't just get a multicolor LED light and use it for veg and flower?
  10. sure... you can do that... multiply your spending limit by four... problem solved
  11. you can get a led grow light with blue & red ratio, as this kind of LED can help plants' flowring, buding,seeding & vegetating.

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