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  1. is there anywhere you can order pollen like seed banks?
  2. not sure but i dont think so. get some normal beans from a bank and when you get suitable male grow it out till it drops pollen(seperate flower box for obvious reasons). shake the nuts and get all that man goo collected in small jar or something. then use a q-tip or a bee glued to a popsickle stick and apply to chosen budsites in the future.
  3. Nah, they only sell seeds. As advised above, you can grow out some males and then harvest the pollen.

    Interesting idea, but MJ is not pollinated by insects.
  4. interesting.... didnt know that
  5. ya i have some white widow clones but didnt want to buy seeds and grow a male just to get pure widow seeds... guess its probly the only way though. i also didnt know bees cant pollinate weed seems like its the same as any other plant they pollinate
  6. dude i dont think he means they "can't". more like the plants dont rely on them. probably means they utilize wind and gravity and....shit

    and they are not like any other plant they pollinate. think about it. nectar is for attracting insects. nectar is typically held near the bottom of the collection of stamens (plant cocks). that fact right there would suggest only male pot plants being capable of producing nectar required for actracting an animal pollinator. and if this were true then insects and hummingbirds and such would only be near the males for the nectar and avoid the females because they have no nectaries.

    soooo....it SEEMS like you didnt think about what the man had posted....you simply read it
  7. ok dude i hope you feel better now.....
  8. oh and its obvious they use wind to pollinate alot of plants do duh.... idk where you live maybe the city dosent offer many plants but where i live in the back country there are a lot of plants that pollinate like weed and the bees go from the male to females all the time.... so no reason to get mouthy.... theres a weed up here that has 3-5 leaves looks almost like pot and has pollen sacs thast are identical the females just have little flowers no buds. and bees like them...
  9. Bees ignore MJ in flower, I've watched them for hours. Had my flowering interspersed with Basil also in flower. Bees loved the Basil and would hang on the flower stalks working all the flowers. They would not even land on the MJ to investigate the buds.

    I've known for years MJ was wind pollinated, but surprised that the bees didn't even check the plants out.

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    anyhow i dont wanna get anybody upset. im sorry if i came off too abrasive. i guess i should have let the thread die and let you continue going thru life thinking bees were literally incapable of pollinating marijuana. like pot has a magical shield to thwart off evil doers from the kingdom animalia......damn you, intelligent design!
  11. i didnt even mean cant as in they cant i just didnt know they "dont".... anyway no hard feelings man.... i imagine the skunk smell might keep them away just like deer wont eat them once they start to smell. idk either way a guy around me lets his males grow and i never get seeds so thank you bees for not pollinating my trees lol

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