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  1. I doubt where i live anyone grows because i live in  the middle of no where and the nearest house from me is like 15 miles away >.> so it's not easy for me to get weed at all.
    I was just wondering where i could buy seeds? like, do i buy them online or?

  2. ...buy seeds online...wow...who woulda thunk it...
  3. well i don't know what the risk is in that and i wasn't sure if there was any legit sites ...
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    I have used this company multiple times with no problems whatsoever.  Attitude seeds come wrapped up in a shirt or inside a wallet or something.  Make sure that you order them "In origonal breeders packs"
  5. oh wow thats awesome, do you recommend any seeds that have grown well for you?
  6. holy shit lmao that's awesome 
  7. Good luck buddy..
  8. hey freeman, how tall were the plants when you flip the light to flower, also how long did you veg if you dont mind me asking?
  9. I vegged for 2 months (+1 month seedling phase)
  10. nice how much did you yeild with how many plants?

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