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Where to get ozium spray?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Shankmasterflex, May 30, 2009.

  1. Where can i get this stuff?
    I went to target and right-aid and neither had it. I live in NY and i can't seem to find a department store type place that sells this stuff. Is it even worth finding?
    If you haven't seen my other thread i'm also trying to find alternatives to febreeze and stuff since those just line your nose with chemicals, i want to try this to see if i can just use alot less by using something like Ozium which is alot more efficient.
  2. My guess is that it's available in headshops. It's definitely available online.
  3. PEP BOYS in the air freshener aisle. they only sell smaller cans of it but its the only place i could find it.
  4. i don't wanna pay shipping and stuff. i'd rather not buy something this small online ya know? and the headshops ive been too i havent seen it yes =/

    never heard of the store "Pep Boys". where in ny do you live?
  5. Walmart; you need to look in the Auto/Car section with the air fresheners. It's a skinny blue can with a white cap.
  6. Stores with an auto section should have it. I buy it in the city at a headshipcalled NY Gifts, on 375 6th avenue on waverly(about a block below 8th street). A large bottle is $10, the travel sized can is $5. I like the 'outdoor' scent
  7. ah dude i've been trying to go to NY Gifts for a while but my friend can''t exactly get in unfortunately.
    i gotta go there it sounds like they literally have everything haha.
  8. Hah they really do have nearly everything. He can't get in? Underage? If so you could def run in and buy a can of ozium. If the problem is getting there then I don't know, are you in the city.
  9. first off, those sprays dont line your nose.
    second off, why wouldn't Ozium do the same?
  10. wat

    does ozium work really well?
  11. ^read the original post and find the OPs thread on the subject
  12. The fact is that breathing in any aresol spray is not good for you, so it's best to just leave the room where you sprayed it for about 10 minutes.
    Ozium works extremely well. I've been using a 10 dollar can for many months, you only need one 2-second spray to deodorize any room.
  13. #13 DaleGribble, May 30, 2009
    Last edited by a moderator: May 30, 2009
    febreeze isnt aerosol, at least most of them, the mist ones are.

  14. the ones you use for clothes dont work as well as the mist ones though :eek:
  15. well IMO, febreeze doesnt work well anyways, ozium is much better. But not because it doesnt trick-you-into-thinking-you-dont-smell-when-you-really-do-because-it-lines-your-nose.

    it is the only product i believe actually does eliminate instead of mask the odors.
  16. The car wash is the only place to get it where I live.
  17. you can get it at wal will be in the auto section by the air fresheners and stuff
  18. Ozium used to come in strawberry, which was really nice. All of the aerosol sprays were much more efficient years ago - one short push was all you had to do, but I think that type of dispenser was changed due to environmental concerns.

    Walmart had the large cans online at a good price not long ago, but I don't know if it's still available.
  19. that's a huge plus for me! :p

    bout 45 mins out. hence why it's like, i'd really only go if my friend was comin with, but its kinda dick to just leave him outside of the sickest headshop in NYC :smoke:
  20. i dont even have any Walmart's near me ! :mad:
    maybe i should just try going to a real auto-mechanics store since you guys keep bringing up that it's in the cars' part of walmart.

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