Where to get needles by the 10 pack in Aurora, Colorado

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by thebigd^, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. Anyone got any ideas?

    I hope to score some OC,s and some .1 of some Pure China.. Plus I want to bang some of this Pure Blow..

    +rep to anyone who has a good answer.
  2. Just go to Walmart or a store like that. They don't sell them by the 10 pack but they are like 40 cents each.
  3. This won't matter but, please from the bottom of my heart, don't. But if you do be responsible, I don't know you or anything so I can't judge. I'm just going on my own expirences. My life/body=terrible, terrible condition.

    But other than that I can help you in no way. Sorry. Don't live in CO. Any needle exchanges around?
  4. Look up your state syringe law dude, some state require a script for needles but others don't. If it isn't prescription out there you can walk up to any pharmacy and ask. If one won't let you go to the next pharmacy and tell 'em you're diabetic and then you can play the "right to life" card.
  5. thanks drama! i tried to give you rep, but i must spread ita round

    anyone from CO know any places close?

  6. Whatup bigd. In Colorado I know you can buy needles at the "HIV/AIDS prevention centers", and I am 99% sure at CVS pharmacy you can buy them for their harm reduction policy.

    I don't care if you do drugs, but please please please please don't share or re-use needles. Getting HIV/AIDS is just something that no one should live through.

  7. Hahaha,well ya,the aids prevention centers have them pretty often,but im pretty sure at Rite-Aid has boxes of them,and if all else fails,just go to some run down local drug store

    (the ones that have like 1 box of each product,and about the size of your walk in closet) and they probally dont give a shit if your diabetic or not,theyre just happy they have buisness
  8. Man, you got me thinking about getting some good coke to mainline.. My birthday is in 10 days and it's been two years since the last time, so I'm contemplating. lol

    It's such a beautiful feeling, too bad it only lasts for 20-30 minutes though, gotta have the will power not to make it a habit.

  9. Maybe it's a good thing that you've been able to go clean from it in two years. Were you addicted to it before you stopped? If so, I don't suggest you do it again for the risk of possibly getting yourself hooked on it again. If not, then I suggest you try it if you think its is appropriate and will not do it again after
  10. Nah, I've IV'd a lot of shit before but I've never been addicted. I didn't use daily, would purposely go without it after day or two and cut up all of the used/sterile needles and tips when I decided to quit. I use in moderation or binge for 2-3 days and quit when the dose I started with doesn't work.

    I've been thinking about it for a week or two now but I'm pretty reluctant to do it without wheel filters and syringes with a leur-lok. Safety and moderation, it's the only way to keep the drugs from getting the best of you.

    Also, I don't care what anyone says but IV isn't as horrible as people make it out to be as long as you're as sterile as possible and put your physical safety ahead of getting high.

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