Where to get Hemp Seed?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by willfargo, Feb 7, 2014.

  1. Looking to start farming hemp in Colorado but my biggest hurdle right now is finding non-sanitized hemp seed in bulk for planting. I've got land prepared and got my licensing taken care of to grow hemp in Colorado but finding seeds is damn near next time impossible. I have no idea how the farmers from last summer were able to do it. 
    Does anyone in the States know of where I can bulk order seeds?
    Need hundreds of lbs of seeds!
    Thanks for y'alls help, i've scoured the internet and have turned up with very few feasible leads.

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  2. Have you checked with last year's farmers? They may have extra, but if not maybe they could reserve some for the next plantings. :smoke:
  3. Possibly online?

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  4. O unfortunately just stumbled upon this article... 
    It states they have a sort of "dont ask, dont tell" type of thing as to where seeds come from. Which to me means... i would have to drive my ass to canada and somehow get those seeds back to the US.
  5. Sometime you gotta do what has to be done. Why are you planning to grow hemp? The profit made us no where what you can made growing cannabis.
  6. Hemp is a amazing resource.
    It used to be used to pay taxes, and was the law to grow it.
    In US history.
    The declaration of independence is printed on hemp paper.
  7. KI, that's actually quite the opposite. It's worth 10x what corn is per acre

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  8. Well i think i found a source of non-sterilized seeds online. Bought a lb of them and have a handful germinating. Will post results in a few days
  9. i dont reccomend anyone tells you on this forum as its for cannabis cultivation and hemp will mess with cannabis if it flowers and everybody gets non viable beans.

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