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Where to get headie pieces off line

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Willy420, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. Where are good places to shop for headie bowls online.


  2. Check your local fleamarket possibly, the one around here has everything a smoker needs
  3. Google showmeglass, see what you think.
  4. the show me glass was cool but nothing i was really into
  5. thers this pretty cool site its got a lot of selection, pretty pricey though i saw one heady piece for like 300 i think it was the vortex and like 140 on another site. the site is called i think. Good luck!
  6. the off line /online confusion in this post is making my head hurt. and buy from GC
  7. I probably sound like an idiot, but what the hell is a heady bowl? I hear people refering to bowls as heady all the time.
  8. Headie just refers to the quality of it. A headie bowl would be a very nice bowl. Misused often, as there aren't too many headie bowls...
  9. Alright. Thanks.
  10. Go to gorilla glass.. google it up I forgot the exact site name but they have good shit at good prices

  11. Fixed
  12. is definitely a good one thats where i got my first piece
  13. LMFAO so?? If you buy in bulk you get more pieces at a much better value.
  14. nothing on gorilla glass is remotely close to being able to be called heady

  15. No shit man, it's a really annoying trend I've noticed in some of my friends lately. It's like shortening "I got it off of an online store" to "I got it offline." The internet is just so pervasive now it's assumed that we're speaking in that context.

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