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where to get fake pee besides online

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by shaggyyy, Jul 6, 2009.

  1. I no they sell fake urine online but my drug test is today so i was wondering if they sell it at smoke shops or stores??? thanks
  2. No. Just get a friend who is clean pee in the cup for you.
  3. Thats what im trying to do but no one i know doesnt smoke :( lol

  4. Why don't you just go to a health food/natural foods store and buy a drink mix that makes your piss clean. They cost around $20.
  5. Too bad those don't work. When they do the actual testing on the urine it will go 1 of 2 colors to determine if you're clean or not. When you drink that it will go a neutral color, showing that you drank a drink like that and it's pretty obvious you wouldn't do that unless you had something to hide.
  6. Must be the newer, better tests they use. I used one once and it worked for me. I got off probation using it, but that was like seven years ago, so your probably absolutely right.
  7. They sell them at most headshops

  8. you can actually walk in to a headshop and say:
    Hey man, I'm looking to buy some piss. What do you have for me?

    I dunno sounds a little weird to me! :rolleyes:
  9. lol I have purchased it before, you just say your looking for synthetic urine and they'll show you what they have, or if they dont then just walk away knowing they think your strange

  10. hahahaha lol okay yeah I suppose :p:D

  11. This one time, a buddy of mine desperatly needed some clean piss.

    After calling alot of people, we found this one kid who didnt speak the best english who didnt smoke bud and would give some piss.

    So after trying to find his house at 2 in the morning (my friend didnt have a car so i had to drive) we pull up at this shady house, and there is a big plastic milk jug/bottle thats FULL off piss sitting in the driveway (with no cap)


    good times

  12. haha thats so jokes :D
    kinda nasty cuz there was no cap.. smell and spill in the car haha :p
  13. all head shops carry synthetic urine.go get it. dont bother askin someone for their piss thats just odd. Keep it bewteen you and god and go get the fake piss.
  14. Thanks...i went and got some at a headshop but i ended up not being able to use it cause im not sneaky enough and the guy watchin me would have seen it (the guy stares at my dick through a mirror) so i failed but i only got 2 more weeks of probation because of it so no big deal
  15. lolol

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