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Where to get documents?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by tylerm63, Nov 30, 2011.

  1. Hey ive been thinking about getting my card up in Michigan. But I was wondering where would I get my medical documents. I hurt my back went to the doctors he told me to go get a x-ray, they couldn't find anything wrong so then I went to physical therapy which one should have the documents I need? Doctor, Physical Therapy, or Hospital where I got the X-ray

  2. if you can get all of them
  3. I smell fraud....could be wrong, but this thread has that stench...
  4. Yo what the fuck, see the only reason I posted is cause I didnt think no one was gonna be a dick. Dude you dont even no me personally. I hurt my back doing sports (wrestling some huge dude fell directly on top of my neck) like 5-6 years ago, sometimes it hurts so bad it takes my breathe away. So thanks for being a straight up dick.

    Thx for the reply bic I guess its worth a shot.
  5. A useful link-

    Requesting Medical Records - How to Request Your Medical Records

  6. Thanks much

  7. I don't mean to sound like a "Dick" but I felt the same when I read this post. as we all know the government has people monitoring these forums and others alike. Knowledge is everything. And sometimes it smells like a doughnut is in the house.

    I have nothing against you, your post, or the government. But when the government/oinkers post stuff for their job(not saying you are so don't take it the wrong way) they deserve no information. I know quite a bit about cannabis and all my siblings are either piggies/oinkers or are in the government. They "casually search" for "information" from me which I usually confront them and say pull your dildo out and enjoy life with me and the nature around you. Not ruin other peoples lives in the business. We mean no harm, infact we mean peace as in why so many people turned up to Woodstock and why so many of us protested.for the war.

    My point I'm trying to make is just be friendly and don't be a "Dick" yourself. karma often comes around one way or another.
  8. Maybe the pain is a mental issue? If a mri didn't show anything wrong and the pain subsided, it could be all in your head. I don't know of any doctors prescribing medicine for Issues they, nor there machines can see. Get an Mri done, of your back, and brain, and neck so they can see if theirs any nerve damage. Gaming the system only hurts the progression. Bring in actual proof of the injury, not just an x-ray that showed no damage
  9. Asking how to obtain medical records does not insinuate that the OP is lying. Good luck with getting your card OP, hope you feel better soon.
  10. #10 northnick, Dec 5, 2011
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    strong control of your emotions

    o/p, you're fraudin

    what did you do in physical therapy?

    usually they will always do an x-ray if you go into a walk in clinic after an injury, even though it usually doesn't show any crucial damage, atleast when it comes to nerve damage. then they would do an MRI.

    for 5-6 years you've been having hard to breathe pain? marijuana is not going to cure that. i actually get muscle spams in my back occasionally and no amount of marijuana will take out that not. only a deep massage or time will help.

    p.s. don't use the same screen name for every website you go to.

  11. forest/tree need to stop looking at JUST the tree...:rolleyes:
  12. What happened to the GC community lmao. First of all, got emotional cuz you dont even know me so to accuse me of fraud is bullshit.Second of all, out of 8 billion people on this planet you think im the only person to come up with tylerm63.Also Nick if you read the post you would have seen I said and I quote "sometimes it hurts so bad it takes my breathe away." Never said anything about breathe hurting. So if you wanna keep arguing just let me no. But other than that I appreciate the good advice from people.
  13. GC is just fine.

    ...and you hit the nail on the head...nobody here knows you, nobody can access your medical records here...and your story doesn't sounds like a legit and QUALIFYING condition in your state.
    Have you read the laws, rules, and regulations for getting mmj in your state????

    Nobody is arguing with are attacking people that say you do not qualify with your periodic back pain...i.e... your story sounds like you want to game the system at the worst end, and at the best, you just don't qualify.

    Don't like that people say your post sound like a fraud attempt...then post some legit diagnosis from the Doctors, from the hospitals... what did the Doctor say that gives you a hint that you qualify (or is it just YOU wanting a card when the doctors say you do not qualify?).

    So far, the case you've laid out is YOU want a card, and no medical people can find anything wrong with you, no proof other than you claim to have pain some times (most people do suffer periodic pains ...imagine that...).

    I qualify in every mmj state, but don't live in one... I'd like to see it pass here, but one big reason it hasn't, is all the fraud other states have seen, with people gaming the system with bullshit reasons and fabricated conditions...i.e..gaming the system hurts people in non mmj states.

    In closing; if you are legit, and qualify, great, I support that, so get that card, if not, just get the mj via the black markets and then 'medicate', like millions of people do in non mmj states that would love mmj... (and be an activist for mmj/decrim everywhere.) :wave:
  14. Another person trying to abuse the system so many people fought hard to get.

    If you've been having pains for that long, you'd have figured something out. You would have gone to multiple doctors and had multiple tests. You don't have unknown pains... they are able to figure them out.

    People like you are why states are not willing to look at medicinal marijuana. They know the system is too vulnerable for abuse.
  15. Grasscity is just now full of cunts, im not doing anything fraud related i was looking for advice Jesus Christ is it that hard to give it without thinking that everyone in the world is up to something evil.

    Im done with this thread most of you are a bunch of selfish fags, Thank you to the people that helped. All I wanted was a little help.
  16. Love you too

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