where to get butane lighter refill?

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  1. They didn't have any at walmart so I'm out of ideas. ;)
    I want to know what are some good places to buy it cheap.
    It's a sliding lighter like this:
  2. Did it not occur to you to check a tobacco store?
  3. Local grocery store..hardware store..Headshop. your probably better off just buyin another lighter.
  4. :rolleyes: no...

    Those places are the worst. They charge like $20 for the cheapest glass pipe, $2 just for screens. low quality screens too. I don't want to know what they'd charge for refill. Operant word in the OP was "cheap."

    @blackbur: I would have bought another lighter but walmart doesn't carry them anymore. I don't want to go back to bic.

  5. Umm, tobacco stores don't sell weed paraphernalia. One thing they do sell is giant cans of butane for like $5, though. Small ones are only like $1-$2.
  6. This is why people use disposable lighters.
  7. WalMart typically carries it but you've gotta find it, which isn't always easy and the employees don't have a clue. Generally there's 1 checkout lane that has some but that's about it.

    Otherwise, check convenience stores, grocery stores, hardware stores...seriously, that shit's easy to find in lots of places.

  8. what??
  9. ^^^^ I think he was talking about an actual tobacco shop. I have one around town here, and they sell only tobacco, no pipes or anything for smoking bud. They sell loose tobacco, as well as have machines to make your own cigarettes. No, not rollers, this are huge machines that pack a carton at a time for you of what ever tobacco you put in.

    Walmart has the butane, just look around the registers, or by the cigarettes there and stuff.

  10. wait there are machines that can pack a carton of cigs at once?! :eek::smoke: i know what im asking santa for this year!
  11. They're pretty neat. You buy the tobacco, pour it in the machine, and it'll stuff them and spit them out to you one at a time, pretty fast too. The machines are big, about a 5x5x5 box.
  12. well I went back to walmart but they don't have it. I found one refill in a yellow bottle that says "best for wick lighters" which I guess means Zippos, right? Every other kind of lighter they have is god awful.

  13. Dude. tobacco store riverside cal - Google Maps
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    I get butane at a local drug store. Think of any place that would have a fine lighter display case. I'm also thinking a hardware store would have it because there are butane soldering torches.
  15. Spray butane candle store
    Liquid butane jewelry store
  16. Yeah the tabacco store ripped me off on my refuel-able torch. 50 dollars psh. But yeah you can get a pretty large can of butane from a tabacco store. Like 5 dollars you'll get a few refills out of one can.
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    Gas stations usually carry it and sometimes bilo has it, but at my lhs it's only $3 for a small can and $8 for a huge can; haven't got one of them yet.

    Deep Roots

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