where to get a worked a/c

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  1. so im looking to upgrade from my namebrand showerhead ashcatcher. really want a worked 2011 bc to match my lowrider but there pretty much impossible to find. i think i just want to get something custom blown to match my color scheme on my bong and to match the wierd ass angle they put the stem at.

    basically, whats a good place to get custom a/c's done?

    thanks for the help guys peace and love to ya
  2. DUH! from wacky will's worked ash catcher emporium,wacky will's worked ash catcher emporium,wacky will's worked ash catcher emporium,WACKY WILL'S WORKED ASH CATCHER EMPORIUM !!!!!. sorry bout that but you could try hunting down a local blower or look on etsy. I would say smileyagent but i dont think he is taking custom's right now.
  3. Soulshinefamilyglass, apixdesign (better known as smilyagent here in the city), and Itza make custom A/C's.
  4. cool cool yea was gonna see what smiley could do for me but his profile said he wasnt taking customs. hopefully ill have something by next week ill post up the full setup when its all together

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