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Where To Get A Vaporizer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Swingset Virtue, May 28, 2013.

  1. So I've decided to buckle and start to look for a vaporizer, but I was wondering what kind of store I would have to find to pick up a decent one?

  2. Amazon or eBay.

    Local Head Shop.
  3. Can't things like that get held up by customs?
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    Depends on what you want, price range? Anything in mind?
    Only if you're shipping internationally, and if so, you will get it, just will take longer.
    Well, people have been saying some pretty good things about the magic flight box. And as far as price goes, I'm fine with saving a bit before making a purchase, so I'm not too concerned with the price. I just want a quality vaporizer.
  6. Probably not. Its nothing illegal.If you're worried about that I'm sure there is a place close to you that sells them, just don't get a knock off brand. They usually are shitty. Name brand vaps are the only way to go.
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  8. Magic flight box is a nice vap and cheap too. If you want the absolute best go Volcano.
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    It's ok for portable, and lifetime guarantee is nice, but i got 2 busted screens on mine in <2 years. Big problem. But I enjoyed the shit out of mine, plus the power adapter. Godly.
    If she's willing to wait, for $40 more, she could get a vapor cloud producing machine.
  10. Damn. Shitty luck I guess, at least you don't have to pay for any of it! Life time guarantees are the shit.
    The volcano the best? maybe for bag style vapes but surely not the best over all vape on the market. I would honestly recomend that no one ever take vape advice from anyone on grass city anymore. Go read up on Fuck Combustion(google it) if you want to find the latest and best information.
    Yeah, combustion on the screen, happens pretty often for me. Sucks. Used it for 6 months straight solely at one point.
    Fuck combustion is gold... Volcano is so expensive for what you get, no matter how sophisticated, it;s still a vape.
  13. If you want a good yet cheap vaporizer then I suggest:
    You can tell its legiit by the number of pieces already sold(4,000+). I have one of those and has lasted me 3 years so far. I've dropped it  many times and it still works. The highs are clean, the taste of the herb is pure, and I get really high. Btw 320F is the perfect temp.
    Otherwise get you one a much more epxensive vaporizer.
    The way I see things is why pay more for a fancier vaporizer when a cheap one does the same job?
  14. I just picked up a palm vaporizer from my local headshop 
  15. Why? Because some of the more expensive units do it better. It's not about getting the job done sometimes, it's the journey. Some journeys are more pleasant and lead to more pleasant outcomes. If money helps with this, it's worth it to others.

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