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where to get a scale other then smoke shop

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by lar20, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. hey all my scale sadly broke and i dont know where to get a new one. i got my old 1 at a headshop in new hampsire but i dont know of any smoke shops near me so where else can i get one? its kinda annoying not being able to find one lol
  2. hobbie shop
    postal service places?
    maybe walmart.
  3. they have them at postol places? lol idk ive tried a bunch of general stores like walgreens and stuff but havent found them yet =/ kinda sucks cus i heard my new dealer has been shorting other peoples bags. not sure if hes shorting mine cus im friends with him but still its always good to check lol
  4. ebay - merchant oldwillknott - you get get one shipped for less than $12
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  6. maybe check a pawnshop, one near me had some pretty good ones for cheap, or so i was told. buddy picked up a touch screen led or something for 10bucks and it works great.

  7. yea but most weigh in 1lbs increments
    you should try a hobbie shop tho.
    most likely they will have them.
    or at a local gas station store,
    like where they sell pipes and water pipes section
  8. i got mine at merchant oldwill knott all of it in total was like $24.30 for a nice one and it came in like a week
  9. Officemax, target, places like walmart, in the food section (diabetics use them to weigh their food.)

  10. do you have a link by any chance?

    the nearest head shops for me are like 30 minutes away and ive checked online at walmart and target and havent seen anything.
  11. Any cookware store
  12. my friend stole a 400g scale from chemistry class last week

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