Where to get a killadelph coil in DFW

Discussion in 'Smoking Accessories Q&A' started by G13adsAMY, Mar 22, 2012.

  1. This peice will finally put a stamp over all my glass. I have the cash... But how the hell do I get one in Texas. Is there any who can help me?
  2. I know where there is a salt illy colab killadelph but it 6k. They'll ship it to you too
  3. Do you have a link?
  4. It's at the headshop I work at

    I had pics on my phone but I must've deleted them. If you're serious I can take pics the next time I work.

    Its amazing though. I truly love this piece. If you're a fan of salts work its a beautiful tube

  5. Are you talking about the one at Gotham?
  6. No sir I work at one in upstate ny
  7. Ive seen some of salts work. Its truly breath taking. That two stacks over what i want to spend. Im looking between 2500-4000. The killadelf with bullseye is what i want. (being a marine) it fits me perfectly. the only illy coil within 50 miles is just a rasta. I want something dope.
  8. It hurts me to know what kind of crazy shit could get for that much, and you just want a killadelph
  9. u interested in something like the fetus piece. i know someone who can get you that in your price range op. let me know
  10. [quote name='"InstaBlaze"']It hurts me to know what kind of crazy shit could get for that much, and you just want a killadelph[/quote]

    I have some crazy shit. Ive been wanting one for years. What would you pick up for that price?
  11. I probably wouldn't get just one tube. If I were forced to, I would try to get a custom made from a heady artist.

    If I could just spend $3000 willy-nilly I would get: A peyote pillar, a stem12, a recycler, and some heady slides
  12. Id also want to get a custom peice in a couple months. I hit a coil in cali and ive been set on it since
  13. Have you been to PPV?

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