Where to get 5-HTP

Discussion in 'General' started by Perfekt, Jun 17, 2006.

  1. Hey guys i was just wondering where to get this stuff. Someone said wal-mart, but where in the walmart did you find them? any help appreciated, thanks!
  2. go to natrol.com and use the store locator
  3. cool thanks, would you reccomend the 100mg or the 50mg?
  4. also i was planning on using this before i roll soon, i will only be doing one roll how many should i take? and in august ill be doing 4 rolls, same amount or more? thanks!
  5. walmart int he dietary supplement section right above the NIACIN is where i found mine. purple box with big 5-HTP letters called natrol. get the 50 mgs.
  6. how much should i take and how long before i roll? I weigh 120 and im 6' tall.
  7. 100-150mg.
  8. alright, and just take it that morning or a certain time before?
  9. HTP takes roughly an hour to convert into serotonin. I say eat it 2 hours before you eat your rolls.
  10. I've been taking 5-htp every day for the last 2 weeks and I must say I have noticed

    a positive change in my self. I normally stress really easy and when someone pisses

    me off (which is every freakin 30 mins cause i work in the ghetto) It's extremely hard

    for me to forget that i'm super pissed and I end up being pissed all day from somethin

    that happened hours ago.

    Now I find myself not getting stressed easily and if someone pisses me off I'm back

    to normal in like 5-10 mins.
  11. Make sure you arent OVER-dosing everyday. You might end up with serotonin syndrome.
  12. not really dude... not unless he takes something else that adjusts reuptake of it

    it's a daily supplement you're fine taking the 100mg capsules daily

    avoid the 50mg ones as they always seem older and the capsules are usually damaged with small nicks along the joint

    not pleasnt to look at if you're gonna swallow one and the filler isn't tasty in drinks so grab the 100mg ones or find other vegan friendly brands (way more per container in 100mg less filler crap) with veg capsules instead of gelitin

    in short take it daily if you've noticd possitive change you can also try st. johnswarts to chill out further daily and ginkobiloba if you find toking makes you slower or sluggish mentally along with green tea or oj (always good)

    you'd be amazed how simple herbal shit puts all these anti-depressants and shit to shame when taken after using more intense things like herb x or coke

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