Where to find worked/heady/wigwag slides?

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    Been looking all over the place for these and cant find more than a couple sites with anything in stock. Can you blades hook me up? PM that shit or something.

    Really digging shit like this:


    Any ideas? HG seems to be down right now..

    My LHS sucks - the 'worked' slides they have look like this lol:

  2. Also digging this:


    I really like the slides with the paddle grip too.

    Edit: Sorry it's so fucking big lol
  3. BFG, ALT, CK, Shinobi, SMG, Fullmeltglass...
  4. ETSY, and if you can find anyone, you can request it.
  5. you could easily get someone on etsy to do a custom for you or contact a blower directly. just depends on your budget.
  6. haha man the first slide is sick i like these style of slides too. my headshop dont hold them ethier...they had a RED EYE GLASS piece all worked and shit...DRY piece too! for like 100....outrageous...
  7. talk to icu...thats his slide

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