where to find us tubes?

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  1. anyone kno where to find one online or in the atlanta area?
  2. Check your pm's.
  3. yah im curious as to where i can find/ order one. im in the atlanta area.
  4. I am also curious.
  5. it rhymes with Shit Greek Grass (pm if youre confused)
  6. I am interested too, I live in central Florida, any local shops or online online ones? pm me please
  7. anyone interested in US Tubes, PM me. I have easy access to them.
  8. Hahahahaha, keep that on the D/L! :cool:
  9. where can I find an online site?
  10. what are us tubes?
  11. nice glass bongs :bongin:

  12. They are the only maker of water pipe that is made all in house, meaning NONE of there materials or anything is made or comes from out of the States. They are known for making thick strong pipes that are lasting and made with nice quality glass. I would recommend them to ANYONE who is looking to buy their first bong. You can NEVER go wrong with a US Tube. :cool:
  13. bra, i gotta ask you guys for any online sites with high end glass because we dont get much in hawaii..
  14. How about in the portland area?
  15. Haha i lol'd, then saw your signature and fell on the floor! :laughing:

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