Where to find more colorful bongs like this one?

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  1. How can I go about finding a bong like that? It has so much personality and color; way more attractive than the sterile blank clear glass water pipes that are so popular.

    (I censored the picture in paint because I'm not too sure what the policy is on nudity. It may also make any item in the picture nonexistent)

    Can anyone provide any online headshops that may sell similar stuff like that? I've checked the headshops in my town and none of them have anything like it. The closest I've gotten was water-bongs-glass-pipes . com in their TOP BONGS section, but I would like to see some more. Halp!

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  2. I've got to see the uncensored picture for uhhhhhh...research.... yea research. Lol
  3. Just google 420girls or girls who smoke or girls smoking weed.

    I literally have this picture and more on my ps3 as all of our login photos.

    OP that's a heady piece that you'll likely find for $400+ in a head shop. I don't think you'll find one online easily like that unless you get to a glass blower through like Etsy or whatever. You might be able to find a local blower who will work with you.
  4. I might be seeing things but that kinda looks like an AK to me. if that's the case it would cost you a lot more than $400 like ^^ said.
  5. IMO your best bet is find a local blower and ask how much for a custom :)
  6. I see no bong? LMAO
  7. [quote name='"tobymac420"']I've got to see the uncensored picture for uhhhhhh...research.... yea research. Lol[/quote]

    Loled pretty good
  8. I second it looking like AK. Will cost you a few grand for one lol
  9. 100% positive that is not an AK. the shaping is off and AK generally doesn't have large marbles like that on his tubes.

    But yeah, if you want a tube like that it'll cost you at least 500. Your best bet would be to go through facebook, look at a bunch of artists pages, then contact one you like and see if they'll do you a custom. Heres a minitube by John Dillinger thats fairly similar to the one you picture, but I guarantee you it won't go for any less than $800.

  10. Jesus ^^

    Personally that isn't even up my alley - and the price is out of control. Looks overdone

  11. I agree on the price, but to each their own. Thats a whoooole fuck load of work put into one tube. I personally love Chaos mini tubes.
  12. Ah so these things are pretty pricey then? I thought I was being prepared with a $250-300 limit too! I guess I will have to go dry a lil' bit longer >.<

    but damn, those tubes are exactly my kind of style - I wish it wasn't so expensive. Thanks everyone for the input, this is a great community this site has going.

  13. Lol shit you're out of cotrol too dude. For me there's a point where a bong is just a bong - for function it looks so simple. I'd rather get a PHX waffle perc for like $500 all day over the chaos at $800 :bongin:

    But that's just my opinion. Actually we don't even get stuff like that around here.
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    At a certain price point it stops being about the function and more about the art...

    & you're probably right about it not being an AK. I thought the shaping was really similar to a super soldier or something but the marbles/attachments were throwing me off.

    Edit: that Dillinger minitube is sick as hell btw
  15. Well, if anyone has come across this thread to have a similar question answered, I was able to find an online headshop that has a great selection. I'm not too sure about the site's reputation though, as I have never heard of it before.

    Jupitergrass . ca

    Has anyone ever bought from this site or can give info about it?

  16. a bump for this query
  17. I'm not 100% but site looks legit I mean most of what they sell is China mass produced much like grasscity.

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