Where to find good strains for CHEAP?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by lovetagrow, Feb 10, 2004.

  1. I am starting my own "seed-bank" of sorts, and would like advice on where to find some high-quality indoor strains for cheap. PS i need them to ship to the US. I've used Klozit Kings and JRS and Seedsdirect before, all with good experiences, but looking for somewhere new. Any advice whould be appreciated. Peace

  2. seeds aint worth a dam untill you grow them.
    spend the money and buy some quality seeds.
  3. No offense, but that is not the question I asked and a terrible excuse of a post. Ive already got some good seeds, and there ARE places to get good seeds for cheap. I just dont know where they are. Anyone ELSE have some input...Peace
  4. try drchronic.com :p

  5. that made me laugh

    simple things... simple minds.
  6. wtf when i try drchronic.com it takes me to this weird ass website for e-commerce software

  7. Try www.drchronic.com
  8. I plan on using Seedsdirect to get my blueberry. Can't pick one out tho....there's just so many blueberry strains from diff companies there...
    Nirvana being the cheapest I can recall.
  9. Hey


    Here you can order 50 high quality seeds for 37,5 euro , high quality seeds is a reputable dutch company linked to magazine and bred by sensi seeds

    Normally these goes 10 seeds for 28 euro but now you can get 5 times as much for not even double prize

  10. i think what thug was saying is that maybe u shouldnt be looking for quanity of cheap seeds but a few strains (expensive) that are outstanding.

    why u ask? because like thug said...the seeds arnt worth anything unless u grow. and growing is illigal in most parts of the world. and there is a cost to growing them. they take alot of time and hassel. there are energy costs and soil/fert costs. there are many factors in a grow and the cost of a few extra $$$ vs the genetics of cheaper seeds, to me (and apperently thug) isnt worth the hassel.

    just doing simple math, i get 4 females from a 10lot of seeds that all weigh about 1oz each. or from what i hear...1600$ worth of stash. so i can either spend 25$ for that or 1.6% for my genetics. or i can spend 100$ or 6.25% for my genetics.

    also...if ur into seeds, certainly making ur own is the way to go...and again are u gonna pay 1.6% for ur stock or 6.25%. forever. im not saying go out and buy anything with a huge pricetag on it cuz its gotta be good. im saying sometimes u get what u pay for.

    and u have said u ordered from seedsdirect, et al. well i think u have hit the majority of the major sellers out there.

    one more thing...thug is his handle...what u expect, random acts of kindness and poetry?
  11. ^^^ well said.

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