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Where to find contacts/dealer in Athens, GA?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by HermitCrab, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. I know it sounds silly asking where to buy in a college town, but I am out of college and none of my friends smoke. The friends who I used to smoke with have moved away (the bad part of living in a college town), and I am left without contacts.

    Still, it should be easy here, but as my board name hints, I've got some social anxiety that keeps me from just hanging out with strangers.

    So I'm wondering what are some good suggestions/locations in Athens to ask for some contacts, without making everyone think I'm a leo. :(

    I have been doing without.
  2. Ok, dude, I don't mean to sound rude or anything but I'm tired of seeing these posts. Selling marijuana is ILLEGAL. Capiche? I guarantee you that no dealer is going to want there address posted online haha. I mean doesn't common sense tell you that? You're not gonna get an answer man.
  3. The guy just wants to know some good areas to look in. He didn't ask for anyone's connect's info. Chill man, people need to stop being so quick to jump on people's cases.
  4. Yeah, I totally wasn't asking for a web hookup. I was just wanting to know good places to go, particularly for someone in their late 30's, that won't freak the college students out. :p
  5. This is a great site, I have found it to be quite accurate for my area.

    and hey man, I know how you feel about the social anxiety, I've struggled with that too. I've found that if you are in a college town, hanging out at bars/parties is actually a pretty easy way to find some. If there is any sort of hipster crowd, I've always been lucky there. and most people are pretty willing to smoke you up if you're in a party setting. Then just ask if they would know anybody to hook you up with.

  6. step 1, get job in restaurant
    step 2, get to know cooks
    step 3, realize that the restaurant buisiness is a breeding ground for stoners
    step 4, pick up your bag from one of the many dealers your working with (most likely)

  7. All pure facts.

  8. call 911 its the dealer hotline they should be able to help

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