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WHERE to find Calcitic lime!?!?!

Discussion in 'Organic Growing' started by veener, Sep 29, 2012.

  1. Really- I cant even google it and get a straight answer. Most seem to have all kinds of additives, like the pennington brand- polymers and what not.

    Is there another name it goes under?

  2. agricultural lime or garden lime.
  3. ? its confusing..... when I find some ag lime it seems to state their are other ingredients?
  4. So garden AND ag lime are calcitic?
  5. yes. calcitic lime is not a special type of lime. Calcitic lime is just plain limestone, which is just calcium carbonate. Dolomite lime is lime that has Mg added.

  6. Not quite correct. The Mg in Dolomite isn't added, but part of the composition of the limestone. Check out the Dolomite mountains in Italy (Thanks to Chunk for this tidbit).

    Just depends on the deposit of where it is mined.

    I got my calcitic lime at HD. Penningtons IIRC. It was also $15/40lb bag compared to the $4/40lb bag of the dolomite right next to it. I think the dolomite is mined much closer with cheaper shipping.

    Lowes also had it when I was there last 3 or 4 months ago.

  7. That's what I meant wet, but you're right, I was not very clear. Veneer, what I meant is that calcitic lime is just plain limestone (calcium carbonate)-it's not a special kind of lime. Or calcium magnesium carbonate if you want dolomite lime. Like wet said, you should be able to get one or both at Lowes or HD. Definitely at a farm/feed store or a decent nursery.

    You are over thinking this my friend. The important thing is to stay away from "hydrated" or "fast-acting" lime-these are made from limestone that has been chemically treated to make it quick-release. You don't want this. Other than staying away from hydrated lime, it doesn't matter. Get what you can find locally, be it calcitic or dolomite lime. I promise you that it isn't going to make a bit of difference in the end. Calcitic vs dolomite lime should come down to what you have available and what your budget will allow. I use calcitic lime because that's what I can get at the feed store and that's what I've used for years. If they had dolomite lime for cheaper, I'd go with that.
  8. Yep, it's all about the location of the mines in reference to the area. The locally mined dolomite here is 95% cacium, 3% magnesium. IDK what the other 2% is. Watch out for some calcitic limes, as they may say" contains hydrated lime" on the package, usually as a warning becuase hydrated lime is caustic and an irritant. I got a 50lb sack of calcitic at tractor supply only to arrive home and find it contained hydrated. I gave it to my parents for their lawn.
  9. I found a 100lb bag of dolomite at Tractor Supply this last spring, $12. Reading the label VERY closely it turned out it was Hydrated dolomite lime. I passed.

    ITG you are totally spot on about getting what's available and cheap. I've used dolomite, calcitic (bag) and calcitic in the form of oolitic limestone screenings. The only difference was needing to add some epsom salts every now and then with the calcitic and in the early going with the dolomite. The Mg seems to take a bit to start to release.

    Funny thing is, calcitic hasn't even been available for the last couple of years. I've been looking. Guess it's like no dolo in your area. Shipping rocks is expensive.


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